Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Egypt Story begins

Lastman and Maduinshorn once again made a dream a reality for me. But this one is not a sexual one. No, this was something a bit different. Today you will meet Pyis, an Egyptian body guard and his Pharaoh Fatep. I first drew them way back in 1999. Yeah 1999...back then I was still full of a lot of hopes and dreams. My imagination would run wild constantly. I spent a lot of time waiting for and traveling on buses. Hours spent thinking of characters and stories with my headphones stuck locked to my ears. I was heavily influenced by the movie The Prince of Egypt. I sat down and tried to think of a story set in an Egypt where mythology was real. An Egypt Story started out as an attempt for me to start drawing characters that were not part of my Dinosaur Eternal story. This was something I had been working on since high school and where my user name Dinosaur Prince comes from. I had been drawing and writing stories for it since 1995 and felt that I wasn’t really adding anything to it. So one day, while drawing some Egyptian pictures, I decided that one stood out so well that it deserved a place out side of Eternal.

The picture was that of a Pharaoh throwing down his crown in distress as Thoth, God of the moon and recorder of all things looked at him in shock. The pharaoh became the main character Fatep’s father. Fatep herself was draw almost immediately afterward, shown as a giant with two slaves fanning her.

Before I knew it I had a whole cast with individual story lines and designs. East one lived in mind and every moment of manual labor was filled with me thinking of their every day lives and adventures.

I decided that the world the characters lived in had to be the world, that the Egyptians thought that they lived in. That is the Earth was the God Geb, and the Sky the Goddess Nut. Keeping that in mind, I decided that the Earth was to be all Egypt, on other races save for a few bizarre cults and races either described by mythology, made up by myself.

As I do future blogs I will explain the characters and world in better detail. The main character is the reluctant Pharaoh named Fatep. She's a 16 year old, who's that has no true desire to rule the land. Her best friends are her court musician Jamun and her body guard Pyis. Since we do a lot of hunky guys here, Pyis was a natural choice to pluck out of my past.

This is Lastmanouthere's vision of him. He turned out wonderfully. That's an understatement since he only had my ancient art to work with and almost no back story to go on. I love his creamy eyes and his soft wavy kinda point strands of hair. Especially regarding his bangs. You just want to run your hands through them. The casual blowing bang looks so great! Dang, now I wish I had asked for nude.. XD LOL, but no I am gonna keep him clean for now. ^_^ He even made a vast desert background with a cute little oasis.
HA HA HA! Lastman loves sandals and look what he created just for Pyis, Snake Sandals! Genius!!! :P The arm band is very sexy!!! I have to thank you a lot Lastman. Pyis was not only trapped in my mind, but given up on. Hee hee the little Ibis was just done by me in one image. But now I am so keeping him as a pet for Pyis. I don't even remember if he was going to be a pet, or not, but this one is too adorable not to give more future love too. XD

A little bit on Pyis:

Pyis is the straight man, calm and in control. Often his is the Ying to Fateps raging Yang. Holding her back when her temper flairs, yet is always there to help her in what ever quest she wants to go on.
He never speaks as he is a mute. His story is a little more complicated then being a buddy and protector. Pyis lusts for Fatep, but as most guys are, he is extremely shy and not being able to talk, feels very trapped. As the story progresses, he comes to feel less the adequate for his friends affections.

Guys I usually don't show works in progress, but I could not help but show this off.
This is Fatep and Pyis by Maduinshorn. This image knocked me off my feet. I sent him lastmanoutheres Pyis along with some of the images I drew many moons ago. On Sunday evening this was in my inbox and I won't lie, I got pretty emotional. For once I needed Kleenex for my eyes. For these two angels to take on these characters was one of the nicest and most heart melting things ever done for me. They might as well be up on the big screen, cause at this point they were superstars in my own mind. Cause they look like they fell right out of a theatrical cartoon. It's an unexplainable feeling to see something you created over a decade ago be given so much care from people that are close to you. Maduinshorn took a sketch I did and gave it true life. No one has ever drawn Fatep...she is so beautiful. Just elegant really. Pyis is a big strong wonderful hunk, with such cute shaggy hair. Before I even responded I sent these to my oldest friend. He recognized the little characters right away and explained how amazingly well done they were.

I could give you both a big group hug for this.

Here is some of my doodles. ^.^'


  1. I actually find your doodle to be cute. XD especially his hair, being the way it is. Nice.

    Backstory! Nice to see you whipping this out, but I still need to read the emails you sent me on Saturday. Damn. ;3;

    Cute pictures though. I am sure there is more to come. Now I gotta. Buckle down and sharpen the eqypt side of my Bu origins. >3>

  2. I like this couple very much! I must admit I felt a little jealous when I saw Maduinshorn awesome depiction of them, just as I was finishing Pyis.
    Anyway, the story is worth of being developed, and I am honored that DP allowed me to take part in its revival ;)



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