Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fetal Fury Attraction

When I think of how long ago it was that I first saw the Fatal Fury games, anime, movie and associated porn..I start to feel my age a bit! XD Well this blog post comes courtesy of a one person beyond the artists and myself. This one is brought you in part by Vicky from YG. The biggest lover of foreskin EVER, we started to talk about Fatal Fury about a week ago. He was so in love with Urbanmusiqs wonderful threesome of Andy, Terry and Joe, his enthusiasm started to effect myself as well. My second commission with BluevVampyre became Terry Boggard from Fatal Fury, because of it. Yeah we picked another blond! XD Not only that, but I got him to draw his very first foreskin! XD The image over a very short period became his most popular piece to date. And there's no wonder, take a look at this wonderful glowing stud:

Jeans open and hanging lose with out a care. After almost 2 decades Terry's still got it. BlueVampyres really blew them away with this one.

My reaction:

So awesome take on Terry man! :kiss::heart:I have to admit I feel in love with him long before I ever picked up one of the games too! XD Awe, you are so sweet! I was more then happy to give you some inspiration. :wink::heart:
Fuck you gave him one epic sausage there. Another first foreskin I can add to my wall! :lol::heart::tongue:
That glow makes him leap from the page. Just outstanding. His eyes really captivated me. I love the work you do with veins on the body. The stretches between the pectorals are making me weak at the knees. And that just want to lick it up and down. You really set the bar high with this one! :widesmile::heart:
I have to thank Vicky for reminded me just how hot Terry is too. Hee hee, he inspired me to do more Fatal Fury request. ^_^

So where do we go from here? Why a follow up image of course! HA! Hey BlueVamyre has a nice discount. If you pick the same character again you get him cheaper...Hmmm discounted hunks... XD We actually went through and talked about a lot of different characters we could possibly pair. I wanted to make sure he was into this commission. I was hot for more Terry Action so I decided to ask him to be paired with another hunk; Joe from the same game. I wanted Joe to be riding Terrys huge cock. It's great cause even though Terry is so into Joes reaction, Joe is just looking straight at the viewer, self absorbed..typical egotistical Joe! XD

Bluevampyre really outdid himself, the cocks are some of the best ever from him. Check out the details of the veins and the shape of the head below the foreskin. Very nice stuff. This got me all horny. ;o)

The boys release their loads! This is competition for the legendary Fatal Fury porns like Yuri and Friends! XD

Seriously you guys, these are some freaking hot images. Joe has perfect skin. The veins on the cocks and balls and arms give such a sense of realism, it's hard to explain. Joes balls are so well done. BlueVampyre was sure to get the pose just right and he told me it was not as hard as he thought it would be. (I was looking forward to seeing joes balls resting on top of Terry's shaft.) Love Joe's hair which is very well shaded as well. It's so thick! And his shoulders and chest. Mmm MMMmmm, those are shoulders just want latch on to from behind and caress! XD Terrys lips along with his smirk are so great. I wanted Joe to be cut, because like I said in a past post I have always thought of him that way. But...that is gonna change in a minuet..hee hee...

Thanks Blue I look forward to our next adventure. ^_^

At the same time I had a special treat in mind for Vicky, Uncut Terry getting some action from Joe on his knees. At first Joe was gonna be cut like in Bluevampyres image, but we decided to make them both uncut. Double the uncut cocks for ya buddy!

Don't you just want to pinch Terry's Cheeks? XD He is so lovely!

OMG this is like the hottest foreskin pull of all time. Check out how far back Joe is pulling that and the grip! WOW! He is just gonna bury his nose right into Terrys piss slit in like a second from now. He is so loving it. Love the long pole on Joe and how his skin is gently folding back exposing that juicy moist purple head. That's so hot... XD
I really cherish the way FallenAngel drew these two. They are so charming. I am for sure going to ask him to please draw more. Maybe it's time they met Final Fights boys huh? XD

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  1. Sweet, glad you enjoy this - FallenAngel



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