Monday, May 3, 2010

Skelldon Spotlight

Hey guys! Today I want to wish a huge Happy Birthday to Lastmanouthere. The bugger didn't tell me until yesterday that it's his birthday. Hee hee, so if are so inclined, feel free to wish him a happy 27th. Getting up there bud, you still look 16! LUCKY! :o) (ENVY.) Gosh he has accomplished a lot his year. Take a look at his journal. You should be very proud my friend.

So I think that it's pretty fitting to do a Skelldon Spotlight since Lastmanouthere was the one to first give him life. XD ( I don't dare show my first images of him.)

This was a Christmas gift from lastmanouthere, he actually turned it into a Christmas card for me to give to my friends last year. This was actually one of two Christmas cards I was graced with last holiday. It's a great image, I was looking at it last night and feel in love with the creature here all over again. ^_^
I think this image rose a bar regarding the curve design of his horns. They all look like they symmetrical to each other. like they are all directing your attention to a point just above his head. :P ah I think too much. XD They seem a lot thicker and more dangerous then in his previous images. Which is most welcome. >;^)

Ha ha ha my reaction is from December 23 XD:

OH man, I will ALWAYS fall head over heels for each new image of Skelldon you draw, cause among other things, you got the magic touch of magnificent muscles! :heart::love:
Skelldon could have turned out to be a real monstrous guy, but you always find so much humanity in him especially in his eyes and facial features.
I think that's divine how his tail is whipping to the front to catch some of that holiday treat! Now that is attention to detail and care! His arms and hands are outstanding. I think each time you draw him I love him more and more!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to not only draw this, but turning it into a Christmas card I could proudly show to all my friends. Gifts like this mean all the world to me and make me feel more a part of this community then you could imagine.

This is a fantastic image FallenAngel did around December the first.

This was the first pairing of Tonia getting rough anal. So Fallen gave it all he had. Buckets of precum leak from Tonia. His facial expression is perfect as he writhes in both pain and pleasure. I loved his Tonia so much I commissioned about 3 images of him at this time.
Skelldon looks like he is in heaven. He is in perfect control.
There's so much going on here. The tail action, roughly jerking off Tonia is just too hot. He did a great job on both so much so that I wanted him to do profile images. Tonia was first, then Skelldon came later, two days ago in fact!

My reaction:
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I love this!! TWINKY TONIA is so cute!!! His hiar is so fuzzy and soft looking. His eyes are just gorgeous man. Love them big blues! The tail action pumping his big cock making his head getting bigger and bigger till he blows, is just sooooo HWAT! Your Skelldon is just a stunning elegant hunk with the hair you gave him. mmmmm :heart::blush: His body is perfectly sexy!
I really love the background too. Nice style! Cute dactyls too. XD Man, you even gave it a hot back story. Thanks so much for putting so much passion into this. :widesmile::heart:

FallenAngels back story:

Commissioned by [icon=Dinosaurprince]

His boys Skelldon x Tonia

"The hot weather of the jungle wasnt been a problem for Tonia, but the heat he is feeling is from the huge powerful creature that is now ramming his mighty rod into his hole.

Tonia can only moan and drool as he felt the creature had load him again, overflowing and oozing out from his stretched hole. He himself had release fresh, warm cum into the forest floor.

No matter how he struggles, the powerful creature holds him down, the more he struggle, the deeper his captor thrust his cock inside him.

Tonia wont give up, he wont easily be submitted to this beast, he have to earn it!

In the wild, the mating ritual is the hardest game of all."

Tonia his his Arabian gear by FallenAngel.

My Reaction:

SWEEEEEEEEET TONIA!!!! OK I do sooo enjoy a man with long blond hair!!! XD The Arabian look keeps getting better and better. Your costume is wicked. Cool how the flask is attached to the top of his outfit. That's nice attention to costume design. The sweat on both his body and heads is hot...:blush::heart: I really like the penis head, it has a great colour to it. Very smooth looking. SEXY!!!
Cute Cameo too! XD That pillar is enjoying the view way too much! :lol::heart:

Thank you so much for this stunning image! I want to pin it to my wall.

Fallen then paired Tonia with his own Desert character Idris!

Idris, the immortal desert warrior is having fun with Tonia while the sandstorm is still raging outside. Tonia gasp as he cums and shivers feeling more load of fresh cum was filled inside him. Never he seen a human so energetic to sex, not that he was complaining. :happyhappy:

My Reaction:

Oh this is hot! Excellent back story, it really set the mood. :heart: Tonia looks like he has reached his limit of what he can take from your immortal! He looks like he will thrust off any second the way his legs are spread wide! Nipple sucking! XD Great tail placement too. Idris is such a hottie, I hope this will prompt more art of him in the future! :widesmile:

I really liked this pairing a lot, it was very hot and I really should ask FallenAngel if we can do some more with this OC. He's really cool. :)

I finally remembered to ask FallenAngel for that profile shot!

An excellent pin up with perfect hair gently blowing in the cool air. His face is very cute and chubby looking. XD Excellent frame, the placement of the horns on the chest emphasizes the perfect shape of the chest that leads to a great torso. Fallen knows how to do pin ups no doubt! He has been stepping it up with his already awesome backgrounds.
The dinosaur eating the shrubs in the background is perfect. Looks like he was really enjoying his meal..he needs a napkin. XD
Fallen wanted to honor lastmans costume and included small leaves around the characters waist.

Feralelf got into the act with this wicked ass image of Skelldon Juggling Tonia! LOL.

This is FeralElfs wicked fan art picture of Skelldon Juggling poor Tonia. This is just too cool for words. Skelldon is a fucking tank! (Literally) Look at that canon shaped cock! He could shoot for miles. (Tonia make him pull out!) Love the comparison in size here. It's spectacular how he got him so dang big. He added some extra spikes as well. I was taken aback by the details and raw power of his horns. They look fantastic!
Tonia is so cute and twinky. There is an uncut version on Tonia as well. I might post that one day. XD If you guys demand it!
Really like the tail on Tonia and the the way he drew the plates, that almost have a solid bark like quality to them. That club is gonna be able to do some major damage. This is something that when I first thought of Tonia I really wanted to explore at the time, then dropped it. A really scrawny guy with a tail you wouldn't think he could handle. Nice one Feral!!! I finally got to see this aspect of him and I didn't even request it. ^_^

I hope to have a coloured version of this to share one day.

With so much great art, even I couldn't help but draw him too! XD

K3rry was inspired by all the art of Skelldon going around and drew him too! I could kiss K3rry for this! He is so thoughtful! Seriously, there is nothing like getting such a nice piece of fan art like this!

K3rry's Skelldon to me looks like he just came out of a lake, he's nice a dry now and his hair is all wet and turning poofy! XD Believe, or not my little art of him inspired K3rry to do this! XD He has a great build and I love the round bouncy cock hanging low. XD A beautifully designed Cock Head. It looks so soft and spongy. Just the kind of thing you want grab with both hands and rub against your cheek. His pose is so endearing. Love the spike designs. Very fitting for a dinoboy. Kinda fossil like. If K3rry opens his commissions again..I know who I am choosing. XD One thing that I like is how powerful he is, yet so friendly he looks.

I wanted to keep going with more Lil Deep and Rex images after the Ephorox Masterpiece. Here is FallenAngels take which was talked about with him around the same time as Ephorox, here Rex looks a bit younger and cuter. XD I made him do chest hair...I am so bad.

My reaction:
Absolutely wonder image of Rex and Deep!!! love his expression, Deep is so cute!!! He eyes are like, take it easy, you complain too much! There is no danger here! XD
Man I love your take on Rex too. Nice to see some chest hair! LOL. The sunlight is a wicked nice touch! Thanks man!!! :heart::happyhappy:

Now all this Lil Deep was effecting Ink-B, he surprised me big time with this bust!

Lil'Deep went through a HUGE transformation.
Ink-B decided to make Lil'Deep huge and buff, very bara indeed. He looks so hunky. Has Lil'Deep learned magic? Hmmmm ;) I really hope Ink will do a full body version one day. This has left me begging for more! Seriously...really big surprise Ink! I gotta see below the chest!

Some images of the creature Skelldon is kinda based on. Once this animal was thought to be bipedal. It was once called skelidosaurus.

Early image of the animal Skelldon is based on.


  1. That one picture is cute with the little ptera and the other dino eating in the background. XD
    Lots of stuff here today. :B
    The beefy Ink-B picture is probably one of the nicest bust shots I've seen in a long time. Very nice! ^3^



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