Friday, May 28, 2010

Something different, My Original characters still in development

I actually sit and doodle a lot. So much of it winds up staying on the drawing board for so long, I thought you guys might like to take a look at some things I have in store, or may never be commissioned at all. I really would like feedback on this cause I don't want to wind up scaring people away with my art! LOL. Trust me, this won't be a common thing, but any kind of feedback is encouraging. Especially if it can help me improve!

First off we have a character I created just yesterday. I call him the Leaf Galaxy Snail. Maduinshorn was kind enough to sketch him for me. That guy is always so encouraging. I am very lucky to have met him. He did the Snail up perfectly. So I just had to share him with everyone!

Maduinshorn captured the lazy selfish and slightly twinky look I was hoping to achieve with my images. This has given me a TON of confidence in continuing to peruse this Kemonomimi character. I do so love the smug look and face he gave him! Great Barret too! He looks like he fell out of a 1920's fantasy comic! Much better then what I did! XD

He is another insect for the Niyols world. :P

My snail boy, the result of Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Mario!!!
He is a lazy twink who only awakes for 5 hours every day.. XD He lives on a leaf in the Tree Asteroid Belt that floats high above Earth. During that time he exercises for 20 mins, eats for 30 mins and then waits to fulfill the wishes and desires of any young men that venture to his home. With his phallus Brush he can paint you any body you like, which will be yours for 7 days! But you must let him have his way with you, or meet his demands first.
I was thinking of giving him blue slime for chest and pubic hair. ZipOpen had the great idea of having his precum secrete like slime! That guy is full of great ideas!!! XD It was funny to learn how many people find snails scary!!! I always had them as pets when I was kid.

He wears a French Barret and his hair sticks out in an M shape from it above his eyes. X

My first doodle of him.

In this image I wanted to give him a big fat slug like cock!

When he takes off his hat his hair covers his eyes. Urban said this makes it look like a snail helmet! I didn't even realize it, but he is right! :)

Okay so Second off we have a couple I actually created on Easter Sunday. I sent these two out to a few friends as part of a silly Easter gift. :P I created a Giraffe Centaur and his stable boy companion. I didn't name them. I am still interested in commissioning them out and will probably do so in the coming weeks.

This was the original image I drew at work, then did up on Sai. He started off with two sets of balls. I then I gave him another dick inspired by a recent character. Tee hee... I think in the end he will wind up with one penis..but with something very special still about it....

The Giraffes story is simple. He was born into a poor family. Half human, but not an outcast. Sadly as he grew his family was unable to keep him and he was given to a rich kindly animal trainer. There he fell in love with a young groom with beautiful dark black skin. Will he feel the same about his four legged friend?

This is a character I drew after feeling down about turning older. After I drew him I felt a lot better. He actually is a really old creation of mine that I have not drawn in eons. Basically he was a beautiful young man who gave up his life for others and now is cursed with this horrible body. There is a lot more to it then that.

Well that is it for now. I was going to post some more, but I think I will leave it at that for today. Don't worry I will be posting more great art tomorrow! ^_^


  1. Wa-hey! Art from you. :3 You actually do try to draw, which is more than what I can manage, so I respect you for showing it off, fo' sho'.

    I like snail dude. ^3^ He's cool. I like snail people in general I guess. I also like the image you drew of him. He looks like he might be jumping for joy? XD Or maybe just on his knees. lol
    Good job!

  2. Lol the snail guy is soo lazy xD but he looks soo cool and well shaped *_* Hes, Zipopen idea was cool xD this kind of details make characters stand out

    Now art from you, i always wodnered why you didnt draw and now i can see it xD you should do it more moften (or post it cus i am sure you been doing it a lot)

  3. Thanks Devilman! I really appreciate the encouragement from such great person as you! :) Yeah i draw a LOT and and try out many new ideas that don't end up here, or developed. Maybe one day I will get good enough to feel proud to post more of my sketches. Again thanks man!
    Hee hee, yeah the snail is a lazy boy. I wish I could have that life!

    LOL thanks Busiris! I am happy you like him. ^_^ Oh in the image I wanted to have him on his knees yawning. :P



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