Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vann Illia Meets Disney's Hercules! Barbarian Circle Jerk Ensues

Hey guys, let's us kick off  this first Thursday of May with some mega Disney action!  It is all thanks to the talented pen of Phausto.  Phausto has been setting tumblr on fire with his awesome renditions of Disney hunks getting it on. When he offered some commissions on the weekend, I decided to see what our Elfish one would look all Disney Style.  I had to pick my favorite Disney hunk of all time to come along for the ride, of course! Phausto gladly drew Hercules and Vann Illia having a hot circle jerk. Order up of super thick uncut Grecian cock for the barbarian!  Phausto was nice enough to even feature both of Vann Illias hair styles and a sticky cum filled version as well.  I hope you guys like it and will check out his tumblr and commissions! 

Check out his tumblr here!

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