Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guards!!! Guards!!! Acamas Vs Yoluk

Call as he might, it was too late for Yoluk.  He's been swept into the strong embrace of Acamas.  There's only one escape from that hold and it's gonna involve first ingesting mass amounts of cake and cock!  No one came blame him for getting weak in the knees. It's a common affliction of people having Acamas spring on them with a full hard on. 

Someone is jealous in the background there...Not sure if it's the cake, or the Affection our little Vanny wants most! 

FallenAngel was MOST insistent that he thank Lastmanouthere for HIS wonderful rendition of Acamas, by having the barbarian host a party for the Mayan captain.  Yoluk is drooling from both ends at the thought of a private party hosted by every bodies favorite pumped Pinoy. Vann on the other hand wishes he was invited to this private get together.  Maybe next year my blond bad boy....

A huge round of applause for FallenAngel for doing this so wonderfully. :) Tomorrow I have Sirios and I's gift for our dear Lastman.  Lastmanouthere, I hope your birthday party is just as heart stopping as this image!

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