Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorites of 2011 Gold Saints By KiangSu

This is something I thought about doing several times last year. Taking an image I found, that I had nothing to do with, by an artists I was not in any sort of contact with and give it a little love. One of the images I wanted to proclaim as one of my favorites of 2011 was Golden Saints by an artist named KiangSu. I really felt that a lot of care went into the creation of this picture. He's kept very on model with all the Saint Seiya characters and given them some very sexy bodies. What also is really amazing is the amount of creativity and detail in the guys cocks. They are not all given the same kind of dick. Each one is different. Some look more Asian, others more European. Some are uncut with the foreskins placed at different positions along the shaft and head. There's traces of red pigment on some and a circumcision scar on another. I like the various pubic hair styles and the differing amounts of pubic hair and treasure trails. You don't see this amount of detail very often, especially in an image of 12 warriors. I think some artists out there would do well to examine this image and take note of how to make each guy stand out among a crowd.

You can find all of KiangSu's wonderful art here:


  1. I agree! Very Hot and unique!! I appreciate the way the artist has made them all individual and their own person!

  2. Niceeee - FallenAngel



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