Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970s' John Carter Vs Rikuo

Hey guys. Tonight I have a really great picture drawn by Seraphicreverie and coloured very nicely by Caravaggia. This is actually a really old idea I had for the Marvel Vs Capcom 1970s set I was doing in 2010. I had an idea of Rikuo doing his Sonic Wave on John Carter. John would be standing fast, trying to block it. As steadfast as he is, his cock has a mind of it's own and falls victim to the waves enchantment! I fished it around a lot and had no biters, so I forgot about it till I saw Seraphiceverie had her commissions open again. Instantly remembering the fantastic job she did on Rikuo, I just had to see her take him on again! (John was just icing on the cake.)

Seraphicreverie did a fantastic job on John and Rikuo. I had a hard time picking the faces I liked more, the ones on the play field, or the character profiles at the the top. She stayed very true to Johns Marvel comic designs. She always does such nice work on her cocks and balls. They are always some of the best around. :) I also like the very flat shoreline in the background. That seems very fitting for an old fighting game shot! Takes me back to those multi layered backgrounds of the old 16 bit days. Kinda has a Super Adventure Island vibe to it.
When I sent it to Caravaggia she told me that due to the pictures classic design she wanted to use coloring that would make it look like an old school video game. Nice, big, bright colours were added, giving it a look that would fit perfectly in a Nintendo Manual, like Mario World. I only just noticed that she added in shadows herself. That's a wild effect! ^_^

Thanks so much you two for helping me bring an idea to life, that almost fell to the wayside.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL! XD You think both would fall down at the same time? XD

    2. Well they DID both just expend a LOT of "Vitality"

  2. btw, I am LOVING the current banner! So many shapes and lines! I just...like it ^___^ (in an artisty kind of way it's a great image)

    1. Thanks Jubell! You can see Caravaggias original here:


    2. How did I miss that post?

      Case in point on how talented Caravaggia really is ^^;

  3. Damn if a game that comes out gonna be a sell-out! -FallenAngel



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