Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vann Makes Love to Kraw Lash By Hydaria

As I sit here sipping the last of my eggnog, I feel like sharing something sweet with the world. What better then the latest image Hydaria has drawn? This time he's created a symphony of soft colors and hard bodies, in his take on Vann Illia the Barbarian having sex with his team mate Kraw Lash the Reptile man. This truly a tangy, tasty treat.

I have watched Hydarias career from the start with great interest. I have enjoyed all the pieces he has created for himself and his fans and loved all the ones he has done for me and my friends. He has always made such big buff guys, but there is something about his take on Vann, that makes me feel this is his biggest boy to date. He's so huge! XD I think he's Hydarias first to have a cleft chin. ^o^ He has some shiny nipples too! For this image we brought back the sea shell fossil on his cape. You can see Hydaria used his most recent image for some inspiration in the cape department, though I insisted it stay lengthy.
Kraw Lash is looking super sweet. He's a smooth scaly delight. Even his legs have silky scaly skin. There's something about Kraw Lash's eyes, it's a little hard to see here, but blown up, you can see this man is lost in a heavenly euphoria.
Thanks so much Hydaria!


  1. Vann has the focus of an artist on his face. That must have been SOME session.

  2. Holy muscles!!!! its so hotttt !!!! - FallenAngel

  3. Nice work guys! :)



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