Friday, January 20, 2012

Dore In Danger: Garra Attack

Finally continuing the Dore in Danger series today. Our gay little caveman is facing some big opposition. Fallenangel has provided a big and hung megatherium man. Garra might be lazy, but his giant uncut cock is very away a perky. Don't worry Dore Lockstone, I have a funny feeling the over confident sloth will soon have focus switched from pleasure to pain. Hopefully Dore will be able to outrun the lumbering giant.

Thanks to Fallen Angel for once again drawing Dore and giving new life to Garra. He's given him a very laid back look. I think the big side burns are a great touch. I like the neat and tidy look of his locks, with them all being the same length. As well for the first time, we get to see his size in relation to Dore, a human.

1 comment:

  1. I just hate bullies, its nice if Marshall came there and hunt down his sorry ass XD - FallenAngel



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