Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Donkey Kong Phallic Bank

I was originally going to post about this, just cause I thought this item was cool. It's a molded plastic Donkey Kong Bank from the early 80s. It went for an insane price on E-Bay. It probably didn't cost more then a couple dollars when it came out, but the person was asking along with Q*Bert for $80. I thought that if you could find one of these cheap at a flea market, or garage sale it would make such a nice Tiki like accessory for a Hawaiian luau party. Get a couple and carve a hole in the bottoms and string em up with lights inside. Pretty retro.
Then FallenAngel wrote back laughing at the things shape. He thought up some very naughty applications for it. I really don't think it would make a sturdy dildo, but he is correct, the shape is just right! XD Maybe it could reinforced by filling it somehow. Though, I hope you have a very big and willing hole to fill it with! :P

Money goes in...

...but you gotta cut it open to get it out. Don't ya hate that? :(

Here he is with Q*Bert another character with phallic issues....

1 comment:

  1. Q-Bert issue it bout that 'sucking" mouth he had - FallenAngel ^^;



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