Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garra The Slothman Dare to Come Get Some

The Slothman Garra Peluda hasn't shown his face around this site in almost 2 years. He's ready to come back, asserting his dominance by bullying the other residence of Prehistoric Paradise once again. To start things off, we have a truly wicked picture of him drawn by a new face to DPK, the artist PCZ. He specializes in some dark and dangerous looking hunks. It was really awesome to see him take on Garra. He did a wild job, giving him a rock star look and turning him into a total sexy bad ass. Love the long dreads and big nose. :P The details on his hair is really brilliant. Lots of great attention to detail there. You can almost feel the softness. The legs as well are very fabulous. A very inspiring picture. I have been filled with new ideas for this character ever since I got it. I have to also recommend him for future commissions. He worked very fast and sent a lot of communication my way.

You can check out his cool gallery here:

1 comment:

  1. Very nice dark character, "Hairy paw" fits his look perfectly! I love the detail on the fur.
    btw, look in your email for a little suprise ;)



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