Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tony the Terrible Tiger

Hey guys and girls! I'm back. I had some serious issues with my PC this week. It's all fixed and ready to work again. I am hurting a bit due to it though. Any donations would be very welcome at this point to help the site going strong this month. I can promise you guys some surprises if I do get some! I have a lot to share with you all and will be doing so today and over the next few days.
First off something funny I found involving Tony the Tiger. Is this based on a special To Catch a Predator special, or something? :P What is he doing to that child? XD

I understand that times were innocent back then, but this is really pushing my faith in that belief!


  1. Sadly I can see how other "sensitive" ppl will react Hmm from that facial expression I think thats Kelloggs figure from Japan?- FallenAngel

  2. LOL I think this must have been straight from the land of the rising sun! XD



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