Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hercules Has Some Cut Outs For Valentines Day

For Valentines I commissioned a couple Hercules images. The first that I will proudly present today is by the artist Red Bones. He did Hercules not too long ago having some fun with John Carter of Mars. Now, the buff mans back here, recently hit by Cupid and this time he only has eyes for you! ;D

Hercules has his Valentine ready just for you! I hope yours is spent with someone special.

Red Bones once again does Hercules justice. He's got some huge love gutters, leading to an extra long uncut dick! can keep the heart Herc! XD Just let us play with that cock! Thanks Red Bones for making such a enchanting Valentine. It's always a pleasure man!
Now, last year I did a post about some Groo cut outs. That post got a lot of interest at the time.
I have since found many other cut outs from defunct products I would like to share. I think they may come in handy. Sort of a budget way, or just creative exercise to go about your Valentines fun!

What better way to surprise a loved one, or friend then printing these off, cutting them out and making a wonderful Valentines day display for them? What a great site that would be to wake to! Having breakfast with your favorite characters all around the table, or a desk lined with Roses and Pac-man! :P LOL! The first cut outs I found are from Aladdin. They were on the old Dixie Cup boxes. What ever happened to characters on Dixie Cups? Well you can relieve the 90s with Aladdin and Jasmin now!

Jasmin you seductress you!

Here are some scans of Pac-Man Shrinky Dinks. (giggle) You can always print these off, color them yourself and display them, or use them to practice coloring in an art program. You can make all sorts of virtual cards with the many characters below! Have fun.

Now if coloring is a problem for you, but you can still print, then check this out. It's a free Pac-Man Paper Craft Display! How cute is that? :D You can download the printable PDF below! Enjoy!

How about something a little more Spacey? Try these Alf cut outs! Ah, what could be more romantic then Alf and Rhonda the last lovers of Melmac?

Finally Spider-Man Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and all their friends for your hunky hubby or, cuddly comic book guy. :P

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