Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. Crow Sexy Spirit Of Halloween Redesign

Halloween has a had a rough time of it this year.  We suffered from some really harsh weather all day here.  It was really raining when Trick, or Treating started.  Kids are tough though, it didn't stop them coming to the door in droves.  Anyway in reflection of that FallenAngel and I decided to give Mr. Crow a bit of a redesign.  We hope this will help lead to developing his character a little bit more as well.  FallenAngel did a fantastic job on him.  He liked  the idea of changing his wings to be a bit more Tengu like. Though I kinda made him go full angel on the wings, instead of using small ones.  I like how he's got this slightly worried look, like people are going to find out he's not as high society as he dresses! Like Halloween itself, he's a bit tattered, (Mostly his top hat), but he still shows he's ready to shine.  He still has a lot of spirit and class.  So this ones for all you guys and girls that kept the holiday alive despite it all! :)

Speaking of Halloween...I went to the Disney Store yesterday and picked up this plush Sparky from Frankenweenie for 25% off! Woo hoo! He's so cute! The Snoopy bag was $1.

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