Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nova Gets Invaded!

Story by DinosaurPrince
Art by Rent!

On a cold, cloudy day, long, long ago, Nova the grey, the mighty warrior, the result of cross breeding between a human and alien, was making his way through the plains. He half way across them, when two very strangely built UFOs appeared in front of him. They dashed back and forth playfully around his head with great speed. Annoyed, Nova took a few half hearted swings at the pesky ships. The ships started to scan him up and down. One aimed a beam right at his crotch. Angered, he took a great leap towards them, sword at the ready to strike them down. The two ships then flew closer together and seemed huddle and even be shaking in fear. Nova stopped his sword just before hitting the little ones. His anger turned from curiosity, to quick concern regarding what exactly was going on with his crotch. The beam had not stopped hitting him and he was suddenly feeling extremely horny.
His toga lifted in a split second, as his big grey cock grew into a solid shiny boner. He grabbed at it with both hands. The feeling was so intense. He could not help, but touched himself with his big strong hands. He ripped off his toga for better access.

"Wha...What are you doing to me?" Nova gasped as he slid to his knees. The beam continued it's assault on him. He felt so good, as one beam concentrated on his dick, while another controlled pushed and pulled his thick foreskin up and down over his head. He moaned and clenched the shaft at it's base as the red crafts had their way with him. He was completely paralyzed with pleasure. He started to feel the urge to cum. One of the ships seemed to realize this as well. It whizzed backwards, gave out an exclamative little beep and the other stopped moving the foreskin. The other ship seemed to nod, and shot a stronger beam at Nova that caused his dick smack sharply on his abs. He felt his abdominals being covered with cool sticky precum.
As he watched his cock relax and bounce a bit, he reached for it. Nova wanted to cum so bad, but a beam caught his hands and kept them at his waist, preventing him from doing so. Again and again the UFOs made his cock slap against his tummy. It felt so good, as the precum gathered in his cum gutters and oozed down all over the base of his shaft and balls. He struggled at first, but the urge to blindly cum subsided slightly and he enjoyed the pleasure.

Before long, he noticed that the hits were getting stronger and harder. Then he felt something very strange....his chest seemed to be getting wet with the precum as well. Then he felt it, his foreskin hitting his huge pectorals! This could not be! He looked down and couldn't believe his eyes. His cock had grow 2, or three times it's length and girth and it was getting bigger and bigger with each smack. His balls two had tripled is size and seemed to be heaving with cum. Seeing his perfect body now adorned with such a huge unit once again filled him with a mad desire to cum.
Nova was straight, but seeing his beautiful blue cock head peeking from the hole in the now massive rolls of foreskin, getting closer and closer to his face with each bounce, tempted even him with the desire to suck his own dick. He gave into the urge and as soon as it grew long enough, he buried his face deep in the foreskin! He sucked at the sweet precum, licking his glowing blue head and hungrily digging deep into his piss slit for more of his man honey. This time there was no retraction by the UFOs. Instead they forced the cock in place and let Nova have his way with himself. He groaned and slurped with great satisfaction. He was getting close, he cold feel gallons of cum starting to gather deep in his balls and begin to make its way up his shaft. He didn't care if he was straight, he wanted to taste his cum so bad. His cock head began to glow with a blinding luminescence, but Nova did not look away. He wanted to see it all pour out. Before it could, one UFO brought his cock quickly away from Novas gaping mouth. He cried out in the most extraordinary pleasure as his cock shot load after load of giant hot steaming wads of cum. Each load was caught by one of the ships, eagerly sucking it up. It was ingesting his cum like some sort of fuel!!! As one did that, the other shot volleys of pleasure stimulating lasers at his cock. His foreskin painfully ripped back as his dick stretched and grew, as the lasers did their job coaxing out more and more cum. Every time he thought he was done, the ships would quickly change position and continue the milking onslaught. Tears of joy leaked from Novas eyes. He had never came so much in his life.

After about 4 rounds of this the UFOs ceased their 'attack.' They lessened their grasp on Novas hands and panting, he feverishly stroked his cock of the last of his semen. He fell over on his back and felt as his cock and balls begin shrinking to their normal state. He looked up and saw the UFOs were buzzing up and down his body. One seemed to be peering into his eyes. They were inspecting him! They wanted to make sure he was okay. Nova smiled as a tiny little robotic hand extended from the UFO. He laughed as he very weakly shook it. They seemed to both beep a thank you, just before they dashed away into space.


Well that's my little story inspired by Rents awesome art. I actually am GOING to make that into a comic, some day. It was so much fun to not only work with Rent again, but to bring Nova back after such a long time as well. I decided today, with so much time being offline, I should really try to add something to the post that complements the artists hard work. He did an excellent job on Nova. I got exactly what I wanted and a lot more. I mentioned using a UFO similar to Space Invaders and he used the design like the bosses from Space Invaders extreme. Very fitting for such an extreme image! Really love his take on Nova, especially his eyes and torso. Thanks so much Rent for the image and the inspiration!

Concept art by me.
Boys got way too much booty..damn.

Here's something from my own video game collection. Back in 2008, Space Invader turned the ripe old age of 30. Taito celebrated the yen guzzling mega hits birthday by issuing out a lot of merchandise. Too bad other companies like Nintendo do not follow suit with games like Donkey Kong. Here is some of the stuff I picked up:

I picked up 2 of the three towels. I the one at the top left and one on the right. Here it is below...

This pillow was my favorite item! You will learn why below...

No it's not because of the adorable little tag.....

It glows in the dark! They land in my dreams!!!

This table top was not released for the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders, but it did come out around the same time. I got it for about $10.


  1. Hallo DP, how you doing?
    That's indeed a hot pic from Rent ;°)
    & you DID pull off a sexy lil' story out of it 8°P~
    I can only concur in the idea of a comic b^^

    1. Hello, I am okay. I am glad you enjoyed the story. Makes me happy to hear that! Who knows, it may come to be one day soon.

  2. Hot Nova artwork and story man naughty saucers :D

    Love the space invader merchandize :D



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