Saturday, July 28, 2012

Astasia's Gay Galaxy Boys of Class Comics

Hey guys. Recently Astasia completed these three beautiful hand drawn pieces of the Class Comics characters Locus, Meezok and Aza. Each one is truly breath taken. Why by just looking into the eyes of Aza and Locus, you can see the universe!!! Hee hee. She certainly brings forth a style and elegance to to her work that echos a time period of classic romantic space adventures and fantasies. Society was a bit to repressed to do anything quite like this way back when. It's almost like she channels that ancient passion and pours it onto the page.

If I had to choose a favorite it would have to be Aza. His horns look so beautiful and I dig that cape. He looks like he fell out of a Space Fantasy from 1920.

Meezok looks like he may be perched upon a lone asteroid floating through space. He's so sweet innocent looking.

Locus is illuminated so nicely against the starry sky. Astasia really made him HUNG. He's not even hard yet! XD

If you want more Locus action, check out part 2 of Back to Square One. This entry marks the return of the Sektan guards...mmmmmmm. There's also a neat little nod to a classic video game. (Well I interpreted it that anyway!)

If you want to see more space stuff my Astasia, check out her take on David and the Alien from Prometheus!

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