Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kid Icarus Drips Down Cum By Aneros

Tonight picture has quit a bit of history behind it. It started off as simple idea, that just kept changing and evolving. We had some really wild ideas, but they didn't seem to lend to views that blocked out most of one, or the other characters bodies. Aneros really wanted to show both mens beautiful bodies. He didn't want one character to be over shadowed by the other. So we came up with a great image and Aneros drew it out, even half inked it. Then something special happened. He was on his couch taking a rest, when inspiration hit him like a bolt of lightning. Horny lightning... I assume he quickly doodled out a sketch, but I never saw that, because his desire to draw was so strong that he inked it right away. He worked on in feverishly fast and sent it my way, hoping I would approve the new idea. I liked this new concept a heck of a lot and approved it right away. As for the other half done sketch, well I certainly don't feel that it should remain hidden forever. It was way to sexy to befall that fate! I am sure it will make an appearance one day soon. ;D

For now, I proudly present Kid Icarus dripping down on the hunky hero Magnus by the very talented artist Aneros:

As you can see, it's a pretty epice piece. Aneros at his very best. Pit just loving his view from high atop that pillar. Loving it a bit too much. Watching Magnus blow his load made his own uncut tube dribble down thick gushes of goo onto Magnus. Well, now you know how he keeps his hair so spiky in a time before hair gel. :P Gotta love the angelic pose of the um..angel! The wings, the massive chest and the awesomely sculpted body, tight smooth skin you would just love to rub you hands across, are all things that only an artist can create so perfectly. Aneros always seems to top himself. He brings forth a quality that he never shys away from in each product. I know for a fact that he studies many male bodies each week and that study always includes close examination of cocks as well. He loves the male form and it's so obvious in the attention he gives in his dicks alone. You can see here, he's given each of theme dicks most men only dream of seeing. The luscious cock heads, rest on wonderfully folded foreskin, at the end of perfect pillars. Attention to details such as this, help make him one of the best in erotic art.


  1. two other points that I would focus on is the cock ring on Pit and perfect symetry of Magnus' sack. Both are symbols of male superiority and domination

  2. Hot hot work, nice one Aneros :D



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