Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dore In Danger! Uihorrores Killer Jurassic Sunset

Recently I found myself looking again and again at the sexy men of the artist Uihorrores. Influenced by the recent images of Dore Lockstone, I started to wonder what Dore would look like as drawn by this talented young man. I decided to try to make that dream a reality. I took a chance and asked for a commission. After sketching up the idea, sending it off to him and all that fun stuff, I was sent an extraordinary sketch. In my original sketch, I just had a dinosaur leaning in towards Dore from the back. In his his sketch for me, he had drawn a full allosaurus, towering high above Dore! It not only looked very menacing, but to show that Dore was not in too much danger, he had terrible lizard comically licking it's chops! :P And yet, even that wonderful sketch, couldn't begin to prepare me for the awe inspiring final image!
So tonight I present to you guys and girls, the very first image by Uihorrores drawn for DPK!

That dinosaur seems to be saying 'EXCELLENT.' I was saying that and a lot more the second I saw Dore in this scene! XD Dore once again brandishes his bone club. This time, he's found he can use it as a sword as well! Will it be enough to help him fight off the giant carnosaur, who is preparing to make a quick meal of him? Uihorrores put a ton of love into this piece. That background is absurdly epic! Jurassic Park much? ^O^ I think it's just too cool how the palm trees are rising at different heights, showing a clear path to the hazy, misty forest below.

Here's a bonus pin up of Dore. Man, our gay little caveman looks super fucking sexy. Lovely golden locks on him. They look very smooth. He's got nice tight, tanned skin on top of powerfully stacked muscles. Woo woo! ;D You can get a good look at his thick, yet soft foreskin and and strong penis shaft here too. Beauty!

Thanks so much Uihorrores! I can't say enough about this piece! :D
You can check out many more of his works here:


  1. Love that dino, but Dore is as sexy as he always be nice work by Uihorrores

  2. Ooh, nicely done! I suppose one bone or the other could get Dore through most situations. :-)

    I'll have to check out Uihorrores's other stuff, too.



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