Friday, December 10, 2010


Time to introduce Joeys main rival in the ring. The arrogant might heavy weight Monkey Fighter Pink Barbe Pop! Their family has been feuding for over 30 years and they take their mutual hatred right into the ring with each other....

This is Adonix's awesome take on him. He started and finished this today. The dear man, did this while he was in the middle of a move. He gave him a very strong build. That face is like a brick... Adonix always does great faces and unforgettable smiles, but there is something that really stands out about that smile. He's scary charming! He's hot, but you know he can grind you right into the ground. I like where he took the character, adding in dog tags and a very flattering tattoo! He turned out why better then I could have imagined him as you will see below. XD

Adonix not only helped in his creation, he helped naming him as well. He along with Guytoonist and I just sat and tried out best to name him, based on Adonix suggestion that he looks like candy. So we decided on Pink Barbe Pop.. XD

Here is some of the sketches I did of him. I wasn't really sure about him, but between Adonix, Maduinshorn and some others, I have a lot more confidence in his design.

I totally phoned in those about a rush job. This wound up being the final version.

My Second attempt at him.
The apple is influenced from a very special video game.

Big arms. XD


  1. I like seeing your evolution of him in your own drawings. It's very inspiring. :3 Always a thrill.
    I'd hope in a fight that Joey could pull out a good win! XD I only worry that he'd underestimate a fighter that is pink. lol It's actually a scary and bright design! XD Not in a bad way, of course. ^^

  2. Wow, I can't wait Joey vs Fucker Punch on the ring........

  3. Damn hot design here guys great work!



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