Sunday, December 19, 2010

Come Snork Along with Aneros

From the moment I saw Aneros's sexy Smurf, I had been quite interested in perusing a similar image of their underwater 'cousins' the Snorks. Considering the phallic nature of the creatures and their 4 season long success, I was surprised no one had yet to pursue making AllStar, or Junior into dashing super studs! Well last week I handed this task to the Aneros. The man made lightning strike twice as his Snork as just as dashing as his Smurf, even more so, cause AllStar is revealing all!!!

As you can see, with the right artists Snorks can be very sexy indeed! It was really fun to work on this one. It was exciting just to pose him. Aneros came up with some funny designs like a penis for snorkel and giving AllStar a starfish tattoo on him tummy, which is very iconic of many porn starts from the early 2000's. XD Quickly we settled on going the same route as the Smurf, Aneros made his face and body super sexy. Resting above his strong chin, he gave him a perfect smirk and glistening green eyes that seduce so well. He did his best to stay true to the character at the same time. For instance, we decided to leave off the ears and keep the costume intact. We went with adding a nose, instead of making a residual one, or leaving it off entirely. I think he benefits a lot from it's inclusion.
It's always a hard decision for me to choose between a leaving a shirt on, or revealing a full view of the characters chest. I didn't have to make this choice though. I had suggested maybe a tank top for AllStar to at least show his abs, but Aneros was clever and pulled his top over back over his head instead. I never would have thought of that. :P Gives him that jock in summer time look. XD What better way to show off that sweet chest and tough abs?
Thanks Aneros! Your image is a total delight that I am sure will shock and amaze many an imagination!

Check out his smurf here:

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