Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forgotten Worlds Finds it's way into Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's!

I have been putting off doing this blog all week, but no more! Here for your viewing pleasure is the next pairings in the Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's series.

Starting with the latest image I got from FallenAngel, this is the Unknown Soldiers from Capcoms Forgotten Worlds taking on Marvels hero Killraven. Killraven stared in a series of comics set in a post apocalyptic world, where the Martians from War of the Worlds had returned a take over the Earth. He has some very sexy sidekicks that will have to be explored in the future. :) I feel that since he deals with Alien invasion and mutants in the future he would go well with the two 80's stars, who deal with the same. I had to think about where to situate each guy in this one, but decided the 'twins' should be together, with Killraven on the end. Then I thought it would be neat if the Soldiers were uncut with Killraven been all American cut. XD This was not the first image I asked FallenAngel7 to do of them. I was very impressed with his first sexy take on them, so I asked him to do something with Killraven immediately after he completed the first one. As you will see I have a fetish with keeping Blues armor on and taking Reds off. There is something about a hunky guy in blue that turns me on! LOL.

This set of four images actually started with FallenAngels take on the two Soldiers frotting as seen below:

Here the men grind against each other as the future sun sets against a dismal world. Fallen is great at capturing the mood of the game. I very much enjoyed his shading and costume design. His style is perfect for these two legendary game sprites.

While that image was getting worked on I went to my old friend Sirio and asked for her to take on the unknown red and blue as well. Sirio sent me a whole sheet of fun sketches..Including some neat stuff with Killraven. In the end though, I went with frot again, falling in love with the tender pose! I just can't help myself. XD It was really awesome of Sirio to do this. The artist loved the characters and when an artists mind is shooting out lots of ideas my way, it makes me feel great and excited.

Sirios Soldiers turned so nice. The image is very romantic with them holding each other so close. Again Red was uncut with a thick foreskin and Blue cut, cause I guess, he's American. XD Ha ha ha! (You can see I had the artists playing with each ones status in the images) This time I asked for all his pants on to show they were rushing into the love making. Maybe Red was in the shower in the change room, he came out and stumbled upon Blue getting dressed. Upon seeing a toweled up Red, Blue approached him, flung off his towel and started to passionately embrace Red. He only had time to unzip his pants as they both fell to their knees sword fighting and kissing aggressively. :P
Working on this with Sirio made me realize how many hair styles the Blue Soldier had. In the base sketch Sirio just gave him a slight buzz cut. I thought that looked very sexy. I did up a sheet of the various styles and I asked Sirio which hair style was most appealing to her and she chose the more wavy spiked look of the later artwork. It looks great! Both guys are super hot and Sirios art is very fitting for such action game stars. I was most impressed by how stylized the muscles are and that big ass booty on Red! Woo! A really neat touch is the tan, or lack of around Reds chest and abs. Showing that he gets more sun on his lower arms, legs and butt?? oh my..someone wears a thong at the beach! LOL. This was a very cool feature since the heavy shoulder armor would prevent tanning. Always love it when artist think of stuff like this. :D

On a total whim, I came up with the concept below. I really wanted FallenAngel to draw his Bionic Commando again. The scene was going to be set in the shower with him and Killraven doing lords knows what...I changed that concept and tried to think of something a little more comical. Once again decided Spencer should have the upper hand. He might be getting anal, but Killraven is about to get the penetration of his life if Spencer so chooses...

Bionic Commando by FallenAngel is so freaking CUTE. He has a total puppy dog expression. He's so innocent and as always so sexy. Love his big thick foreskin covered cock. Another instant classic from FallenAngel.

I am going to add one last image, cause this blog is so Marvel themed. Sexy old Morbius done by Karulox! This pose is too awesome. This was on order from around Halloween, but had to be put on hold for a few weeks to be colored. It gave me something to look forward too. I wish I had more Morpheus to go with this, but sadly I haven't requested anymore since then and I doubt I will anytime in the near future. It's a great piece of the living vampire spraying down some of his own webbing on poor Spidey! XD

Karulox Morbius looks to me to be a lot bulkier and built then his original comic book form. The bara look is a very welcome change. I love that white snake of a cock as well. Karulox was kind enough to do a version with a human and a more bat like nose. Personally I like the human one more, I think it's more sexy, even if it does betray the early 70's era design. Adding Spidey to the image was Karuloxs mischievous idea. It seems like a natural pose to administer a little ironic pay back! XD LOL. Very smart thinking Karulox. Now I kinda wish I had commissioned a full Spiderman to be in the image to show his reaction! XD


  1. Sirio's soldiers are hot and sexy cuddling like that hmmm :) and Karulox's Morbius hot and juciy too :D great work guys, @DP Nathan and Killraven I'd say I love doing that comical hotness :D - FallenAngel

  2. Yeah it's always so nice to do a funny and hot image no? XD



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