Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2010!

It's Christmas Eve morning here, so I gotta type quickly! I have two special holiday greetings to share with everyone. The first comes from Urbanmusiq. I get the honor of revealing this uncensored masterpiece! WOO! His inspiration for doing this image came from reading his copy of Zahn 2 over and over. He was inspired by the love scene where Jonah and Zahn make love and the beautiful back drawn by Mr. Fillion. Comparing the two images it's hard to tell those backs apart. You'll have to check out Zahn 2 to see what I mean! Here is his own super hot creations, Stone in his Santa Cap and Amron in his alternate do, engorging his perfect ass upon Stones bountiful cock! Joy to world!!!

Someone is feeling the warmth of the season enter him! XD
You can feel the Australian Christmas heat in this image.

Next up is an idea I had rolling around in my head, just before Patrick released his amazing caroling image. Always the inspiration, Patrick said he would be excited to see us go about creating another caroling image! :D For my little naughty holiday card I wanted FallenAngel to draw up the surprisingly hottest gay comics couple of 2010 Strider and Space Cadet! Time was running low though when we finally decided to green light it. Only just a day ago this was as sketch with a paragraph to explain it. Fallen set upon the task with the speed and enthusiasm of a Christmas elf! It was done in less then a few hours after showing me the sketch. Fallen provided a little holiday miracle indeed. Here we have Cadet raising up his voice in song, warming the hearts of all as he travels through a winter wonderland with his dear love Strider, dressed as one of Santas reindeer. ^_^

This turned out just as I envisioned it with tons of Fallens charms added in even as he sped to complete it in time. Check out the Cadets foot placement! XD HA! I almost feel over when I saw what he had placed on Striders dick! We then pushed the foreskin back to make it even more hot. :) That green scarf and top hat look great on Cadet don't you think? I know what I want for Christmas, Strider to carry me away in those big strong arms! LOL. It's a wonderful image full of warmth and joy to enjoy for all time! Fallen is my Christmas Angel. :D

Check out the amazing holiday requested art Guytoonist created for me on his blog! He is such a sweet heart!!!

Thank you Urbanmusiq, FallenAngel and all the sweet artists that made 2010 so very exciting! Let's hope 2011 is filled with even more outrageous adventures and characters!!!!

All my best to you bloggers Merry Christmas! I hope you get everything on your Christmas lists!


  1. Merry Christmas, DP. :3 I hope you have a fun holiday weekend. I also hope you get that card soon. D: lol I'll be hoping to get you a lil something more later. We'll see!

  2. Merry Xmas there, DP :D nice hot image by Urbanmusiq :D woh! - FallenAngel

  3. Merry Christmas Bu! I did get your card in the mail yesterday and it's wonderful. I had to preserve that envelope, cause the Chibbi Bu and Nar are just too cute! Thanks so much for the warm wishes and sweet gift as well! That was very nice of you! :D

  4. Thanks for the post Matty,

    Merry Christmas and Hope 2011 will bring much more great things!




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