Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rocking out November with K3rry and Caravaggia!

I commissioned the sweet artist K3rry earlier this year, but things in his life were not always pleasant and the image got put on hold for a bit. Well last month when he saw Belvadar and the Apis Bull, he insisted on doing the commission based on idea with them. I was very flattered that he liked my new boys so much. So of course I met his enthusiasm with open arms. He went to work straight away and had a sketch for me in the wink of an eye. He created something extremely hot. It got my blood pumping! I got the sketch the day I went to an agency looking for work and I have to say it really brought my spirits up after having to do a ton of shitty tests. XD I wanted the boys performing on stage in a very specific pose and K3rry got it all right on!
Here it is for your enjoyment:

There is an Easter Egg in this image! If you look at Belvadars cock, you will notice the vein has a certain shape to it... :D The image made me want to reach out and huge K3rry. It's so vibrant and full of life. The lights reflecting off the boys, with the fog rolling in and the huge multicolored spot lights in the background really are a sight to behold. God those abs on Blevadar are HARD that I can imagine Apis using his cock to play them like a xylophone! XD I was excited to see K3rry stick close to my original hairdo for Belvadar and make his hair so massive! LOL. Very 80s! XD LOL Bels got a very wicked smile slashing across his face! Nice pit and chest hair. So thick, it's like a forest! Hee hee. With these sweet cock and amazing chests I melted!!! That chest hair is like a razor blade. Check the hot pink neon cock head pushing back the darkness and spewing forth. Someone really got into their performance eh? XD

The Apis Bullman turned out great as well. K3rry included all his features, even the little lightning bolt tattoo I was considering adding to his bum! His got big friendly eyes and a big body to match. :P K3rry gave him a wonderfully curved cock. It has a very nice shape, especially just below the head where it branches out a bit before swooping down to his balls. The foreskin has great details where the head peeks out a bit. He made his hair very thick and dready...nice! Wish I had that style! LOL. He was the first to take on his strange guitar. I think it turned out very nice. My design is kinda silly I guess for an Egyptian demigod, but why not! XD

I had to show off K3rrys wonderful sketch as well.
There is something so beautiful about his pencil work.
You can see the shape I was talking about on Belvadars dick a little better here. ;)

In the time K3rry was going through stuff, he constantly send me e-mails and talked to me online. During that time he was sweet enough to send me some fun sketches and previews while I waited. He sent me a really hot image of Patrick Fillions Spot he drew on his way back home from a trip. A little gift cause he knows how much I love the character! I could have died the day I got the sketch. It was just too sexy and hot to leave as a sketch, so I asked the super talented Caravaggia to splash a little color on it. The image turned our really freaking hot. I even added a little foreskin pull back version! Hee hee. XD Two great talents came together to create this wicked little piece of fan art. Caravaggia always knows just how to color guys up. She even added in little touches like his spots that were not in the sketch. Dang she brings out his chest and massive arms so well!

Spot's on his knees, but you are the one that's gonna be begging! XD

Here he is with the foreskin all the way over the head. XD
Kerry really should consider drawing more of Spot.
He really knows how to draw this character so well. :)

(oh those massive legs!)

Thanks K3rry! Rock on buddy!!!!

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  1. Very good stuff today. ^^ You got kind of a club/rave look to this one. I must say, while the coloring is really great, I simply love the heck out of K3rry's sketching. It's so clean and detailed! I really do think it's some of the best I've seen. Jolly good show. :B

  2. K3rry and Caravaggia! you guys rock alot! :D nice and huge too :D - FallenAngel



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