Sunday, November 7, 2010

Druaga Drama by FallenAngel

This is a little idea I cooked up about a year ago. Fallen decided to make it even more fun by taking the idea of one slime stealing his armor and added a few to the melee. Another edition from my old concept was the inclusion of the princess Ki. Fallens legs pose is pretty cute for her. Sometimes it's nice to rethink things a bit and add to them. ;) Gilgamesh turned out really large and hunky looking. Which of course is awesome! The point of this image was to show in Druaga, even the lowliest slime can make you feel exposed and vulnerable. Reducing you to an embarrassed shell is easy for even them. Yeah...Drauga is one bitch of a game.

FallenAngel really enjoyed drawing Ki and did up a sexy pin up of her too! That skirt is a little too short and that top, just a bit too tight! XD

The princess shines with vigor. Her optimistic attitude probably isn't shared by very many players of the game. Fallens vision of her is still a wonderful take on a classic very few people could possibly rescue! XD Thanks FallenAngel!


  1. Lots of ladies taking space up on your blog I see. :B She is pretty adorable looking.
    The top image is really funny of course. It's got that cartoonish charm. Nice stuff!

  2. Glad you like em Busiri :D DP nice review as always :D I think I'll draw more ki oneday :D - FallenAngel

  3. Thanks Busiris. :) Yep lots of ladies these days and more to come! Ha ha ha....I hope people like them.



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