Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mega Man 10 Rant....

I was surfing the web yesterday, when I cam across the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. All it really is, is a bunch of remixes of the entire soundtrack plus a couple extra tracks. A really strange name for such an album, but the Japanese are known for odd quirky names. Anyway, I found a place to get the soundtrack and proceeded to do so. While I haven't listened to the entire thing, I gotta say what I have is really good. (Good lord, I just heard Sheep mans music as I type this and it's outstanding...)
Like with Mega Man 9, I just do not comprehend why Capcom would not include this in the original game, or at least offer it as a downloadable feature. Some days I feel like video games have taken 1, or 2 steps forward and 20 backwards. In 1996 Nightwarriors had 2 soundtrack variants as well as other features. In 1999 Capcom released Rockman the complete works with not only new music, but tons of added features and new artwork. I remember them giving Mega Man 4-6 some RPG style elements where you could earn things as you played through the games. They even had little Tamagotchi style games for the Pocketstation. All this for $20 a pop. Now we have Mega Man 10 and while I like the game a lot, I really don't feel I should have to dish out another $10 for Wii points to buy things that should come WITH the freaking game. I don't even want most of these features. Endless mode? Um..no thank you. It's Nintendo, not Atari Capcom. XD Which brings me to the price of the Soundtrack. It's $31.99 at sites like Playasia. Plush shipping, additional features to download and exchange rates brings the game dangerously close to the $70 mark. OUCH. And you can't even put the disk into your Wii, PS3, or Xbox and transfer the music files into the game. SAD.

I gave in and downloaded the first special stage, which feels like it belongs with the Zero series of games due to its set up being so out of tune with the true spirit of Mega Man games. Basically you have to do Enkers stage and defeat him, without dying. As a plus Enker is now 10 times harder then what he was on Gameboy. OH YAY!!! Come on...this shit was never in any previous Mega Man titles. I don't give a shit about time and world rankings, just give me 3 lives, huh? This is the exact reason I avoided the Zero games. Well I did it and got his weapon. Of course now I gotta go buy the other stages to get all the special weapons. (I have no more Wii points and I would have to pay $10 to get $2 worth of downloadable content.) It is nice that every time I start the game I will have Enkers shield, but it's not really that great. Ha, having a shield for Mega Man makes the uniqueness of playing as Proto man a lot less spectacular. Rolls eyes again.
I would much rather have more focus on new art, music and add ons that HELP you instead a stupid list of challenges I will never set my eyes on. (Really, do the game without getting hit?)

I guess what has been bothering me as well is my feelings towards these new 8 bit titles. I really don't think Mega Man 9 and 10 have the true spirit of the NES games. They are okay, 10 is a lot better, but each is about 20 times harder then the originals. I put the blame on Inti Creates, whose titles I am not interested in. I remember when games were about having fun, discovery and blasting the music, not internet boasting rites.

You can find info regarding the soundtrack here:


Details regarding the Booklet that it comes with can be found here:


Honestly this shit should have come with the game. I feel sorry for kids today. Getting a new game took tons of pitching to my parents. It was hard enough to get them to fork over $15 for an Atari game. If I asked them for another $10 for extra stages, they would have beat my ears. XD


  1. I love Bass's rocker pose like his on fire in a guitar Hero game LOL*

    I justHOPE thats not a Rockman hollywood vision..gawd


  2. I don't know what that is. I found it on some blog that was all in Spanish. I put it there cause I wonder if that is the direction Capcom will finally take Maga Man.

  3. Lolol

    I still dont download this games, to be honest i dont like downladable games, i just dont trust on them

    I know wath you mean tougth, i remember Tekken always lets you listen to the music of the game once you beat it and it always had 2 soundtracks while now day Tekken only have 1 and dont lets you listen to the music outside the game stages

    Also, Sonic Adventure was released but if you want to play the extra characters and stages you need to buy them!!! Even if the Gamecube version of the game have all this stuff in the disc for free xD

    The good thing is that we live in an era where 3D advanced games (like RE or MGS) are leaving in "peace" with 2D old school games (like Megaman or Marvel vs Capcom)

  4. I know one thing for sure, I'm glad they brought back Forte (aka Bass) god I love that grin of his and his red eyes <3
    lol now you got me downloading the sound track

  5. Bass should have come with the game...period. XD Download it and crank it while you play the levels! Too bad there is no BGM off mode!

    Yeah Devilman, I don't trust them either. My buddy got a free downloadable PSP game and uploaded it via my PS3. When he got home he hooked his PSP to the net and set his own account up. He lost access to the game due to the two accounts. Just ridiculous. I don't remember having to pay for Dreamcast, but I do know that the servers went down years ago, so you can't even unlock these things the normal way anymore. Like you said they were all included in the Gamecube. All they really did was unlock information already on the disc back then anyway. (I think.)
    It sucks cause you can't get the special weapons in Skies of Arcadia the way you used to anymore.
    I didn't know that about Tekken, man how things have changed huh? That's a bummer to find out.



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