Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Return of Adonix!!!

Yesterday I woke up to a nice package of fun in my inbox. Looks like Adonix is back in town and he had a most wonderful gift for us! He wanted to create some images just for this blog. What dear heart he is! He sent an all new OC and two really hot bust pictures of Smilo. Have a look guys and girls. :D

Adonixs RPG Thief is taking a relaxing break after running around the world. He's found a grove of Man fairies that enjoy pleasuring weary travelers. He's totally relaxed and spread open as one readies his cock with some protection, while another pulls a special tiger tail reed from the ground to penetrate his puckering butt hole.

Love the classic black lines with yellow background. Very in tune with many great RPG illustrations. The thief is very sleek and friggen well hung! :O The arms protectors are very cool design choice. I would imagine them shiny red if colored. Adonixs faces are always so great, that messy hair with that one long strand of hair curling up like that is my favorite aspect of him. The little fairies are really cute. They have a fitting, kinda creepy unfinished look to them. The one is lacking eyes, while the other only has slits to represent it's eyes and mouth. Very much like a wooden idol. They are the kind of creature you would expect to see in a Zelda forest. :) Very fitting. They are still well hung though! That erection shows he's good some friendly intentions. Now why can't I do this in RPGs? Better then the fairies just filling your life... ha. XD

Next one is Smilo in cave painting like image ready to take on RPG Dimatas meat! XD

Adonix really wanted to take it up a notch this time. The lips on Smilo are to die for! :D His cool blue eyes just mesmerize. Always an honor to see Adonix take on Smilo. That cock is really thick and well built. The thing that scares me is it just keeps growing off to the long is that thing? :D NICE!

Smilo gets his prize! XD

You might remember this image from before. Adonix worked on it months ago and has continued to expand on it. These are the two final steps. He improved many aspects of Deep and added in an entire background, lake, some very dreamy water effects and even some birds. Deep has gone from normal size to that of a Godzilla! Fitting considering he is Megalodon. XD Ha ha, the two palm trees sticking out of the island in background is so classic.

Lil'Deep holds a wire man in one hand while another desperately tries to climb up from his crotch before that thing gets erect I bet! XD

Here is a question, what should Lil'Deep be saying? Hmmm Maybe I should hold a small contest to come up with the best caption?

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  1. YUM! Love those wiring guy climbing on Lil Deep :D- FallenAngel



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