Friday, November 26, 2010

Mirri Mayans!

Hey everyone. Taking a break from Pac-Man Championship Edition DX to do a little blogging. I got something totally astounding in the mail yesterday and that is a brand new image from the Artist Mirri. Now for those of you that have been watching me on YG you know that I commissioned Mirri several times last year. She was actually one of the first people I commissioned and one of the most recommendable people I dealt with. She took on Rikuo, Donovan, Camili-Cat, Kid Icarus and more! She had me hooked as I came back again and again. I really should post those images here on the blog one day soon. This time, I gave her the subject of my and Lastmanouthere's Mayan rivals Ixy and Nehme. Included in the image is Ixys pet Dragon Toucan. I have seen Mirri do some great animals in her art and wanted to see how she would tackle this creature in her very sleek art style. What I got was something that looks like a production still a big studio would use to promote a movie, or TV show. :D

Looks like the boys are putting aside their differences for a moment and working together on something for once. Nehme would love to get a closer look at Ixy's texts, but Tucatiuh is not about to let him get any closer then needs be. Ixy seems slyly proud of pets clever nature.

Mirri did an outstanding job on both men. Ixy is very twinkish with his soft stomach and very smooth features. I really like the contrast between his tight, yet lesser developed chest compared to Nehmes larger one. I feel she did a great job showing some difference in life style, body type and maybe even age. Nehmes face with it's very defined facial features shows off his harder life style for example. It's nice to see Mirri do her best to exhibit these contrast in the two of them. I for one have a very hard time taking my eyes off Nehme in this image. He's quit the charmer. One feature I also liked is how the guys hair which has always been draw long, looks just a little slick and greasy (yet sexy) to me. This of course, would be natural for two men living in such climate with head dresses constantly stuck on their noggins. XD Both costumes are exquisite. The details are wonderful. The loin cloths look rather silky, so light that the slightest movement gives quit the view... :D

Tucatiuh turned out really awesome as well. I am huge fan of those wings Mirri drew. What really stands out and brought the image to whole new level, was her idea to have the scene lit up by his fire breath. The light effects are just mind blowing and really bring out the beauty of the boys bodies.

Thanks Mirri.
Coming up next, the return of Adonix! :D


  1. Hot and yummy :D - FallenAngel

  2. Really nice stuff. ^^ I'd say you always find the best artists to give you what you're looking for. You have a very diverse culture selection in your commissions and you got the best choices of people who can represent the varied styles and clothing of these characters. It looks great. :3

  3. Awe thanks Bu! That is one of the nicest things anyone could say about myself and the wonderful group of artists here! Hugs you!



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