Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vann Illia Goes Cupid On Hercules This Valentines

Vann Illia is up to mischief again. The hero has decided to 'borrow' Cupids arrows (granting him wings among other powers) to give the world the Valentines day HE deserves.  Well, he says it's for the benefit of the world at large, but I doubt the sincerity in that.  After targeting a few random hotties, Vann turns his sights on the Son of Zeus.  With the power of love in his hands, he can finally get the hero of Olympus to swoon all over him.  And swoon the mega hunk does.
Struck by a super love arrow, Herc is pure putty in Vanns hands.  Vann soon finds out how literal that is.  As Van tugs and pulls on Hercs uncut cock, it stretches and grows. And grows and grows and grows! It becomes immense!  Herc is dizzy with lust.  Vann has granted him a super sized cock, without even knowing it!  A full pool of precum sloshes around in the cup of foreskin, tight around Hercs head.  (That poor skin!)  When he finally gently pulls the sensitive skin back, the waterfall of sticky liquid is enough to use as lube again and again!  What a day these two will have.  That is, until cupid finds Vann.

Big thanks to Red Artisan, who took the time to create this piece of digital hotness!  It's been on crazy Valentines thanks to his skilled pen!

 You can check him and his super hot works out here:

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