Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gene Lightfoot: Hunky Animated Inkling NZapper

To comemorate my 1050+ hours of being sucked into Splatoon, I decided to ask a blog favorite Gene Lightfoot to please create an animated picture.  If I could personify my love for this game in physical form, then it would be no doubt Gene's picture of a bomb range totting Nzap 85 muscle hunk Inkling!  If only we could level up Inklings to look like this.  (A level 100 dream, that will never ever happen!!!)  This mocha inkling is spraying fabulous all over Inkoplois, thanks to Gene's wild imagination.  He's the only Inkling that can shoot 2 colours of ink as well.  Though, that second type is pretty sticky.  It's better used as a trap, than to try to swim through himself!!!  Thanks so much Gene! If you guys want to add me to your friend list in Splatoon send me a message on here, or in my tumblr!! 

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