Sunday, January 10, 2016

Year Of The Monkey Master Of Flame 2016

2016 may very well belong to our new character, an eons old ancestor of Vann Illia and his quests.
FallenAngel was suggesting we do something with a flame monkey in celebration of the Chinese new years.  I thought about it for a bit, but really wasn't coming up with anything all that great.  While talking to my friend Frank, I got inspired and started to doodle.  One thing lead to another and  Vannk was born.  A prehistoric Elf, his evolution is very different than that of humans.  They kept their prehensile tails much longer.  His ears are much larger than his descendants, being able to hear the slightest sounds from far distances. He only allows the brute to think it has ambushed him!  He is ready to strike with file and blade!

Like Vann our new warrior might be of mixed origins.  I would love to explore him a lot more.  Maybe doing a short little collection of pieces that tells as short story.  The character is still very much a work in progress.  We will have to see what kind of direction (if any) that we go on him. I'll probably base that on his popularity.

Below you can see a small glimpse into the creative process.  A couple sketches I did on sai and the piece as FallenAngel worked on it. You can see him not liking the sword position and deciding to use it in a position like a cane. Testing the rocks stability as he crosses the molten area. Also note the ammonite was a squid here.  A nice alternate collar, the the necklace we eventually used.  Ever wonder where Vann got that fossil he wears?

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