Friday, January 22, 2016

In The Clutches Of The Dinosaur Men

After a long battle with his carnosaur prey, Vannk Zillia collapses in an exhausted heap.  Taking 40 winks with fresh meat near by is never a good idea. It's an especially bad one, when your in the lava temple of the dinosaur priests.  If only Vannk had known that was where he had hunted his prey too!  They take the cave elf easily by surprise.  Using the tails of two paralasaurus, they string him up, before he has a chance to awaken.
  The priests order him be stripped of his garments, washed down and put in more ceremonial garb.  Vannk wakes up filled with instant hate and rage.  Even before he awakes his senses tell him the exact danger he is in.  He struggles to break free.  The priests, Troon and Saguin are impressed with their captive. It is not often any struggle against their will. They happily inspect the ancient elf.  They chirp their bird call like laugh as they caress his soft skin. They are confident in their safety, knowing no beast can break the power of those tails and no one dare oppose them with the giant Ruussodon keeping watch over them.

 Their curiosity peaked, the dinosaur priest remove the ceremonial garb from around Vannks waist.  They expose his massive uncut cock.  Their own long thing cocks become instantly hard.  Their pale in comparison in size and girth to the Elfs, but their length match with their monstrous virility makes them insatiable lovers.   Vannk has much more to fear, now that he has awaken their lust.  Taking note of both dicks, Vannk wonders about Troon, who lacks a skin shield that men usually have around their man mushroom.

Despite his rage, the effects of the paralasaurs tails have begun to weaken poor Vannk. The fingers of the priests, never having done any kind of labor all their lives, are like pure silk. The constant caressing and petting has made Vannks cock extremely hard.  Not at it's full length yet though, as ever ounce of him is still trying to resist and break free.  What will be his fate? 

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