Saturday, January 16, 2016

Alexander the Outsider: Lastmanouthere Starts 2016 In A BIG way!

Hey guys!  Got the very first picture from Lastmanouthere for you all to enjoy today.  He's starting 2016 a bit differently.  Taking a little break from the Mayans and the Aztecs, he's decided to explore another story.  This is one he has been thinking about for some time.  The main character of this story is below: Alexander.  He's a man an assissiantion mission, he just isn't too sure how his target should be.  Well Alex, my advice, as someones uncle once said, one cold December morn, would be "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out."    I don't think he is going to take my advice....  I will let Lastmanouthere fill you in on the details, after you get a good look at this hunky hung hero! He looks like a good partner for the bedroom and on an adventure!

Tan Blond, with a massive sausage cock?  He might be out for blood, cut I think cum is going to be far more prevalent in his future.

From Lastmanouthere:

I've had the idea of a dystopic, Guilty Gear-like storyline for a long, long time. The basic ideas have been there all the time.
In a world destroyed by technology; there is a special discipline called "the art" some persons can use.
The setting is a city, isolated from whatever the rest of the world, is controlled by a secretive religious conclave. Conformists live in an island in the center of the city (think Manhattan), enjoying a relatively normal life, with some comforts allowed to them from the elite.  The ruling elite are know as the Citadel.  Those who don't conform are banished away (think the Bronx, Brooklyn), where they either live in rudimentary, peaceful communities, or as raiders of the former. (Isn't that how the Brox is now? DP.)

In this setup, Alexander arrives into the city. It didn't go unnoticed, as many of the inhabitants of the city assume the rest of the world is in ruins at best, decimated at worst. Alexander has a mission.  It is to kill someone, but he doesn't know who. He just knows he has to kill a person. He gets to know the members of one of the pea cup groups, Zachery,his brotherly figure; Sigfried, and the father-like leader; Marius. He also gets to know the mecha-equipped military the citadel uses to patrol the outside of the island, and the murderous raiders who threaten Zachery's community.

Lastmanouthere informs me that this took him some time to complete.  Not coming up with the sexy character design and the backstory.  That part is never a challenge for his mind!  It was the drawing process that ate up his time since coming home from Christmas vacation.  His new apple pencil, along with using the ipad pro allowed him greater freedom than ever before, with massive canvas sizes available. Of course size isn't EVERYTHING.  The bigger the canvass the larger the hardship!  Ah well, live and learn.  He will just have to remember to scale it down a bit for next time.  Just don't shrink your imagination and *ahem* features of your glorious men my friend!

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