Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Belvadar Against The Moon By Ephorox

Working like Lightning, Ephorox presented this image to me yesterday after only commissioning the idea a day before. It's been some time since our last commission together, so it was really exciting to see him draw one of my boys again. Here we have big buff Belvadar rising just past the top of clouds. He's been jerking off heavily as he rose. Now with one final strong stroke downwards he releases his cum. The cum seeds the clouds causing a very strange rainfall on the world below!

Ephorox brings his A game to Belvadar. He's got that perfect mix of hunkiness and cute cartoony, that Ephorox does so delightfully. The Bat is so playful, just hanging at the top of his climb, letting his feet dangle as he plays with himself. You can easily imagine what the air feels like, after he slowed down at such an altitude. In the calm, clear and silent night, Belvardars cries of pleasure would echo for miles. Outlining him in a warm glow and putting him against the moon really allows the viewer to easily take in all over Ephoroxs wonderful line work. I wonder if he is glowing cause of the cum shot? The light of the moon has even made some transparency in Bels arm wing. You can make out his leg underneath it. Pretty neat effect there Ephorox. ;)


  1. HAWT!!I like his face!!


  2. freaking awesome
    i Envy you ^_^

  3. Hey that really was super fast indeed. You couldn't tell by the quality of the image. It looks more like it took days to do this image, so that's a good thing for Eph's rep as an artist. :3
    Nice one, I like the face a lot, including the lil blush to his nose and the grin. Oh and... yeah I suppose the muscles, right? XD;

  4. I like it what naughty Belvadar :D - FallenAngel

  5. OH John! One of these days your boys must meet Ephoroxs brush! :D
    Yeah he did it so fast Busiris! I can't wait to see yours. It's next right? :D
    Hee hee yes I would hope you like those muscles dude! :P LOL.

    You are so dead on Fallen! ^_^

  6. I love it! You know Belvadar is one of my fav chars, and Ephorox is one of my favorite artists, so you can guess how much I like this! :3



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