Friday, November 25, 2011

Dil's Pickle

Okay so that's the lamest post title ever, but I couldn't resist using it. :P Today two sextacular images of Dil, the fantastic creation of Patrick Fillion, as drawn by Sirio and FallenAngel! As you guys could guess from my review, I am totally enamored by this character. He's just too wild looking. He looks like such a primordial hunk.^O^

First we have him taking a picture of himself by my dear friend Sirio. I can picture him plotting to escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Pupae. Maybe he would find a way to coax the doctor into going to some sort of ultra holographic porn site. Once on, the Dr. would whack himself into unconsciousness while looking at the men found within. Using his spines, picking his cell lock would be very easy. He could sneak out, steal a camera, right a note asking for rescue, take a shot very, post it and sneak back in his cell quickly and without notice.

That is what he starts out to do anyway. He is about to leave the bathroom, when he glances over his shoulder for one more look. The site of his perfect form is too much. He gets instantly hard. He starts to run his fingers up and done the frills of his cock. Thinking of freedom, his mind instantly races to that of the young Felinoid, he encountered. The brave young man is the only one he knows to have escaped Pupae. To his surprise, he finds Cam has stolen a place in his heart. The sudden realization, fills him with slight confusion and even greater lust. He thinks of Cams big fuzzy chest, his cool hairdo, the cats cool demeanor and giant cut cock as he rubs faster and faster up and down his own bony meat. He thinks of Cam laying on his back, beckoning him forward. Of Cam taking both hands and opening his man hole wide for Dils big dick. He remembers his hot tight hole and how easily Cam took his cock, despite his protests, as the scene continues in his mind. No one had ever rode him like that before. He grabs his burning balls as he erupts all over the sink. He places his hands on the sink and bends over, spent and weak. The orgasm is grim reminder that Pupae barely keeps him alive. He is only infused with strength when the doctor needs him to perform some act of debautury on unwilling victims. "Cam...please help me." He whispers as single tear runs down his cheek. He regains his composure and quickly rushes to finish his task of posting his plea for rescue online, before the mad doctor awakes.

That night, Dil dreams of meeting Cam again. Greeting him on his ship, after Cam has come to his aid. Dil lowers his tough guy facade and confesses his feelings. Hoping that Cam can accept such a creature as he. The two embrace tenderly. They make love by low light. Using Cams various new sex toys like the Nova real doll. :P It's all a dream, but one Dil remembers long after waking up. Can someone like him, altered and twisted, can find someone as sweet as Cam beyond the land of dreams?

Thanks Sirio and FallenAngel. Your art is truly great. I have to give you extra thanks, because I know Dil is such a challenging creation to draw. (Though neither of you had any troubles drawing him!) You guys truly nailed him. And Fallen you Cam looks even more prefect in your anime style. There is just something about his face that looks so awesome done by you. (Something about him keeps bringing Yu Yu Hakusho to mind!) Your art inspired me to do a little writing just now. :P
LOL that FallenAngel, he's always full of tricks! I hope you guys caught the two little Easter Eggs. :P


  1. :D glad you like it, pre. And Sirio's Dill is really..naughty :D - FallenAngel

  2. you did a nice story on this 2 pics !! =D
    i like the expression on Camili face! ♥


  3. Yeahhh I love him so much too ! He instantly became one of my favorite alien races ever ! What a great idea to commission him, he's hot and creepy at the same time ! XD

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments regarding the Dil Images Caravaggia. :)
    Again thanks so much you two! Hee hee, thanks for the feedback on the story Sirio. :D



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