Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Orgy! (Sorta.)

Happy Thanksgiving My American Friends! I got some real tasty vittles for you tonight. Vann is gonna enjoy some white and dark meat, thanks to FallenAngel! My men are about to gorge themselves on some Devilhound! Vann hasn't learned that Devilhounds butt is not for the taking. That tail is in there, but good! He should save his strength and focus on that thick uncut rod of Devilhounds instead. Stubborn guy!
I had this idea around summer time. I sent it to FallenAngel and added all the dressings.

I hope you guys enjoy yourselves today and get to spend the holiday weekend with those you hold so dear. We already had our holiday in October, but hey, if you have any extra turkey, feel free to send some up here!

Now THAT'S a Turkey!

1 comment:

  1. :D woh look at that turkey, if turkey's that big, itll help world hunger :D

    Yeah Vann is stubborn and wants to conquer it that oneone can :D

    - FallenAngel



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