Sunday, February 10, 2013

Felix Fucks Camili-Cat

Tonigihts post was an idea that spent a couple years in the conceptual stage.  You guys know how I love my classic cartoon characters.  For some time I wanted to create a Felinoid character that based on the black and white star Felix The Cat.  I sent concepts to artists from time to time, trying to see if anyone would bite. I got great interest from K3rry, as you might have seen on his blog years ago!  Sadly, the image never not got past the sketch stage before we started going in a different direction.  That was okay though, because that's how our image of Spot came to be!  (He was originally set to start with Felix at the time.)  Earlier last year I showed some of my ideas to Aneroes who sketched up a really sexy image of a Felinoid Felix.  (Should we call him Felux?)  Instead of completing the original sketch, he went over the top and surprised me with this wicked image of Felix fucking the new, hairy, rough and circumcised Camili-Cat!  The sweet guy created this to cheer me up during this very trying time in my life.  :D 

Aneros did a miraculous job on Felix.  He gave him the warmest, friendliest and most handsome facial features he could.  He has the most gentle eyes.  Aneros always worked well with dark colors and he applies a special kind of magic to Felixes dark sculpted body, that only he can.  He so loves to draw dicks!  He must have been in heaven drawing so many fun dildos for Felixs bag of tricks.  I recognize a few that made it into here, that were in the original sketch.   Aneros never forgets a dick! ;D His Cam is simply awesome.  What a power house he is. His leg and cock look like they were built to help in running heavy machinery!  Now that's muscle!

All this excitement had me looking up a lot of old files.  Above is one of the first sketches I did for Felix, probably back in 2010.  Below, is a very special piece of fan art.  If my memory is right, this fan art was the very first image I ever found of Camili-Cat.  (That was many moons ago!)  I remember frantically searching the net to find more and being so happy to find all there was out there at the time. 

 I love how his take on Cam bares a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise. :D

If you are wondering if the artist M3LLO is still around, I have good news.  He goes under a different name now, but you can find more of his stuff on DA: 

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