Sunday, February 3, 2013

Candy Daddy's Solid Milk Chocolate Valentines Surprise

One thing I learned this week, you never know how much time you have left and it's better to do things when you can.  And you know what I did? I didn't listen to this new found realization and delayed this post from going up for over a week...  Life is rough.  These days, I am constantly traveling to the hospital and back, on top of going to work.  The little art that comes my way I cherish big time.  I knew 2 weeks ago things were only going to get worse time wise, so I decided to start up some Valentines stuff early.  Here is a DVD mock up by FallenAngel and I for Afro Johnson.  Afro, as you might recall is Tyrells favorite porn star.  And yes, we came up with the longest title we could for extra silliness. :P

 Fallen did two versions.  This one, a DVD/VHS case was a lot of fun to read and look over.

The picture turned out even better then expected.  Both men are fabulous.  Gotta love that really long uncut dick on Afro just slung over the chicks shoulder.  (Which was something that just had to be in this piece.  I mean, that's the surprise after all!)  Afro is super cute here and the background is so sweet.
There's a slightly interesting back story to this image.  Originally this was going to be set with the older gentleman from the magazine Tyrell was looking at. My hope is to eventually start expanding on Afro and his working relationship with this man. This has been delayed till next time due to a miscommunication, (from me) along the way, that resulted in Fallen using his bara character. I approved of this, because I loved the art from the start.  Funny enough though, I just thought Fallen was going for a new look, or something.  Poor FallenAngel! After it was done, I asked if he had redesigned the character from the magazine, not realizing the switch to one of his OCs. LOL!   Fallen also tried something a little new with Afro here.  He has a slightly different hairline.  How I noticed that and not entire character just goes to show my state of mind these days.

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