Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Samba De Muscle Monkey Amigo

Back before Christmas, Aneroes was very kind in asking me what I would like as a gift.  You know, there was one idea I had on my mind for years, but never really asked about doing.  Something that has a very special Christmas relationship with me.  I started to think back to end of my college days.  The Dreamcast days.  Christmas 2000 was the year I went all out and got my sisters kids the game and the controller for Samba De Amio.  They loved music games.  Parappa the Rappa was a big hit with them.  They loved Sonic to death.  This was made by Sonic Team.  It seemed like the perfect combination.  I was paying for the holidays on a Wal-Mart salary so those controllers and the game took out a huge chunk of my savings, let me tell you!  I think they were $115 each.  But dang, it was so worth it.  From the moment the game started we knew we were about to play something special.  Forget the Wii  for bringing family together.  The Dreamcast that day had 4 generations of my family swinging maracas around, laughing, singing and dancing.  People that never touched a game before were clambering for the thing.  I also remember the same people going crazy for Sega Bass fishing the next Christmas.  Too bad the Dreamcast didn't market itself as well as the Wii.  Anyway...the party raged far into the night.  Friends wound up staying way late and every night for days afterward we had so much fun with the game.  It was one of the best Christmases ever.

I remember running around to get a set of controllers for myself just a few days after.  I never thought I would go crazy for a music game.  They were so hard to get! Sega had stopped producing them already. We finally found one at this mall an hour away.  After we got it, the buddy I had gone with and I watched Dude Where's My Car and laughed our asses off.  That was another great day.  That new years we all raced to play just seconds after midnight.  The first game of the year. We even went out and got the pirate version of Samba De Amigo 2000.  My niece still has a stuff toy of Amiga, Amigos sister that she keeps by her bedside.  This was one of those games that really brought us all a little closer.

Years later I had tons of fun with the Wii version. My nephew didn't care for it much though.  I even wrote a review for it that I never published.  Yeah it wasn't perfect, but it did the job.   A friend of mines sister saw me play it on Christmas Eve and bought a Wii just for the game.  :P  We also had the Eyetoy game with Samba in it, which was surprisingly well done.   I wish Sega had ported the game to PS3 after it's motion controller came out.  Maybe I should post some pictures of my Samba Controllers, but you guys can find that stuff anywhere.  So I will just share what Aneros took so much time and effort to draw for me to share with you all. It's a super Studly Samba De Amigo monkey man.  A hunk totally fitting in with my vision of a perfect Christmas gift. :)  I never doubted for a second he couldn't bring the sexy out of Amigo!  Dang we might need to explore some more characters on day! 
I hope you guys love him as much as I do.  Check out Samba De Amigo if you already haven't.  It's the perfect game for gay men.  What other game lets you wave your arms around like a fairy to Ricky Martin and songs titled Bum Bum? :P Joking! Seriously though it's awesome.

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  1. This is where our fav monkey all grown up :D nice work!



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