Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jacob Motts Take on Class Comics Dogman is Spot On

I saw this image of a very Hulk like Spot by Jacob Mott this morning and I had to share it.  His spot is fucking hot!  I love that giant hotdog between his legs.  That thing is godly.  Spot is set to finally make his appearance in not one, but two comics in 2013.    Spot first appeared back in 2009.  First he is going to appear in Spot and the Ani-Males.  Later he will appear as above in Naked Justice #3.  This image makes me hopeful that Jacob will later feature Spot in more then a Cameo in the near future.
Hey wait a second!  Isn't Naked Justice set back in the 50's, or something?  How old is Spot then? Wow in Dog years he'd be...dead. :P  Hmmm back in the 50s...I wonder if Spot ever met up with Spike from the MGM Tom and Jerry Cartoons?  I wonder if he ever did any stunt work for Spike....if you know what I mean. :P 

Speaking of Naked Justice I was glad to see him back in the present. Okay..Maybe the new Strip Show wasn't set in the present, but it mentioned Wal-Mart, so I guessed that it must be. I have been wondering what NJ has been up to since he broke up with Ghostboy.  Looks like he has a new potential lover named Impact.  Impact seems to share Naked Justice's Bourroughs-esque long life and eternal youth.  Maybe there is a connection?  We are also quickly introduced to a new villain.  I have to say I like them both a lot.  I hope they will return for more fun.  You will have to check it all out in this months Strip Show comic.

When I first saw Impact I was reminded of Patrick Fillions dancing boy from way back in 2006. Okay so they are not that similar.  Any excuse to post nice art. :P  hee hee.


  1. Hey Matthew...

    Thanks for the shout out, man! Really nice of you! ^_^ So glad you like Jacob's take on Spot. I agree -- he draws a pretty AWESOME version of him!! I get the feeling you are REALLY going to enjoy NJB3 and SPOT and the Ani-Males #1, my friend! Heh! Heh! ;D I'll certainly keep you posted. Great big Hugz + kisses to ya!!

    Patrick XOXOX

  2. I suspect there may be more to Impact than meets the eye. I think that the Frederick the Great comment seems to be aimed at someone specific.



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