Friday, February 8, 2013

Romer: Portrait Of A Dinosaur Man

This gorgeous portrait of Romer Walkeri, the Parasaurolophus man was masterly painted by Caravaggia.  She wanted to make him as realistic as possible and achieved just that.  From the amazing detail in his eyes to the little imperfections in his skin, he looks as life like as he's ever going too.  This realistic style she has adopted is jaw dropping.  He's even got the perfect backdrop for a prehistoric boy, a grey cloudy day in Prehistoric Paradise.

I haven't really stated everything that is going on here in my on this blog, but after getting this wonderful gift from Caravaggia I feel I should explain it all a bit better.  My father is dying of cancer.  He was in full health in December, but a week before Christmas he lost the use of one of his hands.  A week later on Boxing day he was in such pain he couldn't stand it anymore.  Since then he has pretty much been in the hospital.  Eventually it got to the point where his legs gave out and he couldn't walk.   They couldn't figure out it was cancer.  They thought it was his spine.  About three weeks ago, we thought all was lost.  They finally found the two types of cancer that are destroying him.  He's been fighting for three weeks.  On Wed we found out that nothing was working.  They have one last procedure that may help him, it won't cure him and it almost most certainly will kill him if he is not strong enough.  Right now, we are only buying him time. -__-  They say he has anywhere from a week, to a month left.  On Tuesday night (feels like 100 years ago now)  I was coming home with my family.  My sister had some lovely music playing from a CD on. 

While I listened alone in the backseat, I let my imagination run wild.  I thought of prehistoric worlds of adventure, saber tooth cats, warriors from Egypt on sphinxes and things like that.  It was a momentary release from all the hardship of late.  When I came home and saw this image, I was reminded of lucky I am in life. because of the many artists friends I have featured on this site.  Not very many people get to say they come home and see their dreams made reality.  

This isn't a world many of us can share with our parents, certainly not mine.  But I have to thank my dad for sending me on the path that lead me to this place, through the many stories he shared with me and his many novels and comic books he always let me explore.  (Mostly Tarzan and Conan.)  He took me many times to the museum and explained so many things to me.  He loved mammoths and mastodons and all the mammalian mega fauna.  Or maybe he just liked them for my sake. I am not sure. One thing I am sure of, is my dad had a hand in educating and shaping my young imagination in all thing savage, prehistoric and beautiful. 

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