Sunday, October 18, 2015

Belvadar's Bum Rush Halloween Surprise!

Continuing our onslaught of Halloween themed erotic art, I have a super treat for you all tonight.  It's Belvadar giving Jacko The Halloweener a huge trick after all the treating himself he has been doing this evening.  He just got the full length of Bels big, black, bat dick up his ass.   Belvadar grabbed hold tight, dug his claws in and rammed him for a good hour. Now it's time for both of them to release their pumpkin seeds! 

Jacko is more that happy to help Bel out, jerking off that uncut cock with vigor.  Bels not gonna let go so Jacko can get the upper hand.  He's seen Jacko in action.  Jacko will have to jerk himself off, if he wants to cum.  Jacko is too stubborn to let go of his treat bucket, cause he has seen Belvadars appetite in action!   It doesn't matter, cause after so much ass pounding pleasure, just the site and feel of watching that cum spasm out of Bels cock has sent Jacko over the edge too!  Both cum into the green mysterious fog of Halloween night...

I gotta thank JOCKMAN87 so much for this epic image!  He worked really fast on this and really went the distance with the coloring and background.  And the characters don't look too bad either! HA!  Joking of course, they are boner inducing to say the least. I really gotta recommend him.  If you ever want a piece done, you really gotta give him a shout.  He really is a delight to work with.

Jacko was introduced to the Class Comics stable of Studs in 2012.  He has appeared in yearly Strip Show comics since that time.  It was only last year that he got a staring role in a mini comic called Sons Of The Night.  Though he is a self centered trickers, he is not threatening.  In fact, he has proven to be a bit of a benevolent hero, capable of defeating and even containing the evils beings of Halloween.  

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