Thursday, October 8, 2015

Owl Man Fucks Hard On Halloween

One faithful Halloween night, many moons ago, the Warrior Stretching Foreskin sought out an answer from the great Owlman Otubishin. The warrior gave himself easily to the handsome beast of the night.  The owl man insulted Stretching Foreskin, but not giving his glorious uncut cock, with it's low hanging extra skin any mind at all.  All the Owl wanted was to fuck that glorious hole and take more than he promised he would, once the answers were given. 
So Stretching foreskin, streched his massive dick right into his own mouth and enjoyed cum shot, after cum shot, as the owlman fucked him for what felt like an eternity.  When all the fucking was done, Stretching Foreskin would set his plans in motion.

This wonderful picture was draw very quickly by my old friend Baralust!  Totally mind blowing and nut busting, I am proud to start off the Halloween season with this picture!

I hope you will check out his Patreon here:

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