Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Hot Hunk Of Sea Food For Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!  We had a really nice warm fall day today. It felt just like summer.  Lastmanouthere and I are longing for warm sunny days spent on the beach, with the sand between our toes.  Sadly, that isn't gonna happen for either of us, but the weather coupled with the following picture certainly makes me feel like I spent a day in paradise. Lastman has me salivating at the site of that covered up cock head.  That luscious foreskin just BEGS to be sucked on!  I am fully ready to worship the serpent of the lake!

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since our Son of Ogopogo, Naytala has made an appearance in our Kingdom.  He brings with him a renewed interest in exploring his many possibilities.  A master swimmer and part time boxer, he has many talents.  Most outstanding of all are those he has in bed, or so they tell me.  When he is fully hard, he appears to have two tails.

Naytala as mentioned, is the son of the great water spirit Ogopogo and a Japanese Canadian.  Their hybride son does not share his fathers taste in flesh.  (Aside from the taste of man meat, that is!)  Instead (and thankfully)  he wound up taking more after his human side.  He is a compassionate and kind being, but also bares a great competitive spirit.  He has many talents, but swimming and boxing are his favorites to partake in.  One of talents he doesn't care to mention is his master skill at banjo playing (a family trait),  Though he does his best to deny it, he does secretly enjoy it.  He will never admit to being able to play, unless his parents make him perform for company.
It is believed that he may have a relative among the other members of our Kingdoms cast.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I don't  have much of a celebration going on this year, but as long as I have pieces like this to share, I couldn't be more thankful. :)

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