Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You're A Squid Now, You're A Hunky Inkling Soldier Now!

Wow guys, have a got a supreme treat for all you Splatoon fans out there! (First though, ig shout out to all my peeps on team plane. We failed, but we had fun fighting each other right? XD Where the hell was team car? They drove away, too scared to face us!!!)
I had been requesting some hunky Inklings a few months back.  I had forgotten that, among the bevy of artists, I had asked Aneros as well.  The other day he e-mails me asking if anyone had drawn some sexy Inklings yet. I told him that yes Maduinshorn, Lastmanouthere and FallenAngel had done some epic pictures already.  He took inspiration from this and decided to draw up his visionary versions of adult Inkling paintball soldiers.  And man, oh man, am I fucking proud and honored to be sharing these wild images with you guys tonight.   Aneros went buck wild in his creations, adding suction cup scars to the hair and cock heads of these paintball battler boys.  Though I think those scars might have come from some extreme squid loving as well as battle. Someone had the passion of the kraken unleashed upon them!!! Now for your enjoyment, Inklings that would NEVER be allowed in a Nintendo game, all from the magical pen of Aneros!  

 Aneros wanted a very revealing outfit for the orange Inkling.  Since the game really doesn't have anything that is very revealing, he went ahead and created his own armor, based on paintball armor found in our world.  I think it looks amazing. I wish Nintendo would include something like this in game.  It goes perfectly with the games paintball mask.  It's a comeback mask, which could NOT be more fitting. Ah puns.

 Aneros admits to be so taken with Maduinshorns tentacle goatee, he couldn't resist using it on his blue Inkling as well! hee hee.

So how did your Splatfest go? I can't say I enjoyed it as much as the other times. I was hardly fighting anything, but my own team mates. Pretty stupid match making.  Felt like I contributed nothing.  At least I put my sea snails to good use.  I will show a few lucky examples. You gotta save these things to a USB first though. Spyke is a theif and it's all too easy to waste them all on nothing, if you don't.  For those that don't know, you get Super Sea Snails after the Splatfest, a one day event is over.  The amount you get depends on how your team does overall.  They can be used to increase the gears slots, or reroll them like a slot machine.  Rerolls cost $30,000 each, so you can imagine how valuable these little snails are.

 I got this after 2 rolls.  This is great for specials that take a long time to charge and could use a bit more time in special mode. I love it on my blaster and my NZap 85. Not bad for a roller, or 96 deco either.

 I used a 3 snails and these wound up leveling up naturally like this.  I am NOT a fan of defense up, cause lag can make a Splatter Shot JR a one hit kill, but I have say that I think it saved my life against a sniper once.  I got hit and took it. They probably thought they had charged enough to kill me.  A full charge still would have.
I love that it uses the Magic Shield from Zelda 1 as the symbol. 

 It took me 4 rolls to get this, but fuck it, I don't care.  That's pretty sweet.  A little bomb range up is ALWAYS welcome.  Well, unless I got my Octo-brush, or Krak-On roller out, of course. :P

I got this on order from Spyke.  The funny thing is, it only came with the first sub.  It leveled up the other two the same as the gear I ordered!!! That was lucky. I got lucky with some Ink Saver Main shoes like that too.  You can see the shoes in the Cold Blooded picture above. 

Check out this sweet remix of the final boss themes! 

Now chill to this calming rendition of the same tune!  I need to chill after enjoy Aneros's art far too much last night. No wonder my wrist is sprained...

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