Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuff you won't find on Y!Gallery! Works from my newest friend Zipopen!

Zipopen is an amazing young man. He's full of spirit and passion. I am in love with his depiction of guys with huge cocks. One day very recently I contacted him. I wanted to know if he would do a commission for me. He agreed and the rest is history! He's a very sweet, hard working guy who is very friendly. I can really recommend him for any commission work!

My first request was for Rikuo to be doing frot with Hayato from Star Gladiator. Hayato is another character that gets almost no love....sigh. And he came up with a concept that is so hot and adorable I just couldn't believe it! Rikous cock is so big that Hyato is sitting on it and Frotting! He later added the effect of both being sucked into a whirlpool! That's a perfect Bidet for guys who just had those giant cocks up their butts!

Here was my reaction:

Big Props to zipopen! I gave him the simple tast of frotting Star Gladiator Star Hayato with Rikuo. Hayato is another character I feel just does not get the love he so deserves!!!! After this amazingly hot job I can say this there will be more from both me and zipopen and more of Hayato too!
What can I say to you that I have not already? I love the expressions, the huge cocks and delicious foreskin, the open piss slits are just so sexy, these cocks are ready to blow!!! You did an amazing job man! Take a bow. I need some Kleenex!!!!

And now the second version of the picture, with the two characters cumming out tidal waves of sperm! Too hot!!!

Right away Asked if we could work again. This time to do something I had not requested yet. Docking. You don't see a lot of docking anywhere and it's so totally hot. So I thought how about having the Prince of Persia from Sands Of Time and the 2008 game going at it. It's a little incestuous, like two brothers doing at it, but that makes it even more dangerous and sexy.
When I got the first pic I asked for revision with the new princes leg down so we could see his balls and cock a bit more. Well, Zipopen went ahead and did two new poses! I could tell he was having just as much fun as I was, so I commissioned all three to be done. And here are the other two for the first time ever! Enjoy!

My reaction:

Oh my God these two are HOT!!!!! I love them! And to go ahead and make a series of three for me, was really awesome of you. I will have to post them on my blog today.
What a bunch of sensual masterpieces!
That background is so lifelike and gorgeous. Like you can touch those stars. These are too sexy for words! I just noticed how the crossing swords complements the kissing, not to mention the frotting and docking penises!!!! That is some juicy foreskins, you can imagine how good that would feel in real life! I love the skin tones, very nice stuff!
You really outdid yourself! Makes me wish I could do this in the game!

I love his concept of 3 kisses. That shows so much imagination. (Swords, Mouths and cocks.) Thank you so much for going the extra mile and providing me with such creativity.
Zipopen is currently working on another picture for me, some original characters that are about to run into someone very special to me! ....But more on that later. Zipopen you rock! I hope to keeping work with you far into the future! :)


  1. Zipopen looked like someone I would honestly consider commissioning someday! :3 It is either him or Neo123 that provide the most interest for me, of the many artists you have worked with, though the list is huge so I'd need to look at it some more. XD But certainly one or the other, though I need to start watching mah cash! Already have a couple commissions goin' 'round.

  2. Mmmm....great art here, i love Zipos atyle and color skills and i am impresed with the first pic!!!!! Its hayato o_o!!!! i love him and theres not too much art of him xD



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