Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My love of the past

There is meaning to my web name. As far back as I can remember, I have been in love with Dinosaurs. Creatures that taught you that monsters are not only possible, they were real. That world is full of forgotten wonders. I certainly don't see all Dinosaurs as monsters! I see them as gorgeous majestic animals from the past. I followed all the new theories and discoveries with tons of passion all my life. They are part of who I am. Part of a sad desire to see something I know I never will. And yet I am content to ponder the possibilities of them in my imagination.

The thing is, it's not only the creatures that I am in love with, but the prehistoric past. Especially the early depictions in old books of a cool, dark, cloud covered world. Back then days would be spent swimming and lounging about. No winter only everlasting summer. A place where adventure could be had any time. It was paradise.
To see what I mean check out this site:


Well in the start of 1992, I bought the game Joe and Mac. Now, to a lot of people Joe and Mac is just a really fun action game. But to me it was also an awesome display of Dinosaur animation. Video games were finally able to look really cartoon around this time and the developers took the opportunity to create creatures that still look and sound amazing today. There is a lot of humor, but there is also a TON of mood at atmosphere. The soundtrack is amazing and the backgrounds are gorgeous. Like a museum diorama, you can stare off into forever. They will have Wondering what lies far beyond the horizon. I tell you the music, mixed with the heavy storm of the Dinosaur grave yard level still gives me a warm feeling of awe to this day.
Joe and Mac is about two cave dude 'Ninjas' who are on a quest to save their tribes babes from a group of thugs and all the creatures they have at their employ.



Joe and Mac had 2 sequels and a spin off called Congo's Caper. Yet despite their popularity, you almost never see fan art of them. I was pondering asking for them to be done as a commission. On Sunday I ask Nookiedog what he thought of them. The images sent his imagination into overdrive! Within hours he had a completed picture for me. (Minus colour.) He draw them so gorgeously that I had an immediate..uh...reaction to the image! *BLUSH*

But it wasn't just this image that sent turned me on, it was the thought behind it. Nookiedog took the time to read the characters bios and this is what he came up with:

As soon as I saw the images of Joe and Mac you sent I had the idea of seeing them post blow job with the after effects on Mac's face and torso, so I had to start creating it for you. I wanted to make them look young but still manly and I thought it would be a nice touch to have a slightly tender look in their faces, they seem so macho and tough from the images that I thought it a nice contrast to have caught them in a tender moment of love, as that is what the bio seems to suggest Joe is after. Thought it be nice and slightly phallic to have Joe's massive mallet.

Tell me that's not fitting and so hot!!!! When an artist takes the time to really think about the characters behind the muscles, that means a lot to me. Added something based on the characters personalities really effects aura of that picture forever. Awesome job Nookie. I can't wait to see it completed!

And someone else is also working on Joe and Mac and they too had the same reaction, diving into their personalities! It is my dear friend, the wizard of ink himself Neo123! Here is the sketch! He is running a commissions for works like these for the great price of $10-15 I HIGHLY Recommend him!!!!

My Recation:
Wow you did another amazing job capturing characters so dear to me! Joe and Mac and so sexy here! I love those HUGE uncut cocks! As always your imagination is incredible, having them sit on their weapons! TOO COOL! Thank you so much for going the distance and adding a super sexy caption! Mr. Under Promise Over Deliver! I love the sweat in the caption! That oozing Pre-cum Mac is holding back is driving me wild! Can't wait to work on more with you as always!

Neo123 has done so much for me in such a short time. I will be posting his wonderful works and telling that story soon. Bug hug man!


  1. I love Neo's version of them, he's nailed the style of the characters and the humorous touch is great too! Can't wait to see it in colour.

  2. Nookiedog I can't wait for both to be completed! I agree with your comments. The variety I get is one of the reasons why I love about asking different artists to do takes on the same characters! :)
    He did this like you, very quickly and just as I finished this post, he had the completed sketch! What luck!



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