Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nintendo Nookie

First off I have to give a huge heart felt thanks for Nookiedog for going out of his way to make the amazing banners you will see on this site. It's made my little blog so professional looking!

By the time Wonderboy was finished I was already hooked to commissioning. My mind was racing with possibilities. I had an idea in my mind to bring two of my favorite characters to a new level and there was only one person who I knew would do it exactly how I wanted. I will be honest, I wasn't sure what the reaction would be when I asked for sexy adult versions of Ice Climbers. But Nookie not only took on the challenge for me, he provided me with an image that has since become legend with many a gay Nintendo fan. I decided that they should both be male, with some body hair and a very thick foreskin, to help protect them from the cold, was the way I think I described it.. :P I wanted something to show these two had grown a lot so we decided to keep their parkas small, acting now like short sleeved hoodie tank tops.

We tweaked the picture very little to be honest, only adding gloves to the line art. Nookiedog had the hot idea for Nana to have his gloves off so that he was ready to get a good grip on the situation! His position of the two along with the mallet placement is just too much. There is a feature in here, that remains one of my very favorites out all the work people have done for me. That of the foreskin right over the full erect head. It's the hottest thing and I was sent over the edge when I saw it.

Here is my reaction:

Nookie and I worked like a dream team on this one! I had the idea and he had all the magic and skills to make it come true. :sweatdrop: Excellent work! They are so sexy.
Love Popos pose and beyond words and their build is perfect. Those are just the bodies I wanted to see! Very hot, and a hard thing to do given they are both little people in the game! I knew you could do it! The Mallets make this so playful!
Oh if anyone wants to know, to me the Condor was and is just a big pterodactyl. I was like 20 when I read what his name was! Guess he is a mix of both, but to me he is a flying reptile.

I have to tell a story here. I don't think any piece on the gallery has had the effect on me this one has. I love foreskin, and dark foreskin pulled over a full erect penis head is the sexiest thing ever...Nookie gave me two hot twins, two of my favorite video game characters of all time, sexed up this way. It drove me wild..I had to take care of business as soon as I opened the e-mail!:heart: Honestly it got me so hot I was blushing and breathing hard at just the thought of these two for the entire weekend! :drool: I felt like I was 13 all over again, discovering sex for the first time. And only Nookie could produce a piece like that. Thank you my friend.

P.S. I have the special version of this, with some really cool features! Yes there exists an even cooler picture of what I feel is one of Nookies best pieces to date! :widesmile:

And now for something not yet seen on any site! At this point I felt I had entered puberty again. I was so happy with the last 3 pictures, I broke down and asked for one more. I had to see how Nookiedog would handle an Adult version of Kid Icarus. See, a few years ago most kids didn't even know who Kid 'Pit' Icarus was. Then he shows up, in Smash Bros, looking like a long lost brother of Sora from Kingdom hearts and the world embraces him. Not that I have any hate towards Smash Bros, or his new look. I like it a lot to be honest. I'm overjoyed he is finally getting the respect and attention he so deserves. It's just that there is a factor that most people don't know, or even bother to acknowledge. At the end of the game, if you have worked really hard, Icarus grows up and becomes a hunky young man. Now as a gay boy of 11, you can imagine the effect this had on me. I already loved the game and character, but a transformation into a sex machine really sent my imagination into over drive. And I so, soon after asking for many versions of Rikuo I started to Commission adult versions of Pit.
I let Nookiedog take the reigns on this one. I wanted to see where he would go with it, as there is no official art of Pit as an adult. The moment I saw the first picture I was again in awe! Here he is Completed!:

Check out that hunky pose!!!!!!
Nookie worked on him a lot, starting with just the base body and sword pose. From there we bounced many ideas off of each other. Adding his gauntlets, rings that I am told are actually a magic quiver for his light arrows and a crown. Nookie brought it right over his eyes. Genius, since I would assume he would be wearing one just like it after saving a goddess. Nookie had the incredible idea of adding the leaves around his sides pointing to that amazing uncut cock. And what a penis! I swear you can imagine hearing the sizzle of the skin being pulled back and I can just feel the heat from that newly exposed head. And those eyes! GORGEOUS! They pierce right into my heart. Not to forget all the little details like the bits of body hair and even some like freckles! Acting like a true Greek God, Nookiedog created an angelic hero! He did it just for me that I am so proud to finally share him with everyone!
I have some really awesome new, Nookie is creating another masterpiece with me as I write this!!!! So except a lot more amazing characters from him based on my suggestions in the future!

Oh and a little something for everyone, the full Ice Climber picture! Enjoy!


  1. One of the things I love about commissions is the opportunity to take on ideas and concepts that wouldn't normally occur to you, this is especially true with commissions for yourself. I can confirm that you are a bottomless pit of amazing ideas, on behalf of myself and may others over on Y! that you have commissioned I hope that they keep on 'cuming' (Oh no I didn't just make a rally bad pun did I !?!)

  2. LOL! Nookiedog, I am so flattered! I do my best to give ideas. It's the hard work and devotion that see with every commission that makes me smile and inspires me to come up with more! It's always an honor to work with you and all the great artists on the site.

  3. WELL You are just a bit more of a Nintendo fanboy than I. BUT only a little. Because I too new Kid Icarus when nobody else did. I had it on Gameboy even. Never really thought of the characters sexually as you have. haha, but I think we do have nintendo fandom in common. :D And You certainly have a favorite artist to commission. I suppose I am the same way with Neekko and 1320 (MT-Copyright).

  4. Ha! Busiris I guess it's only cause I have a few more years on you! :P Yeah I have the gameboy Kid Icarus too. It's awesome. It always saddened me that the SNES and Gamecube versions never got off the drawing board. Maybe we will see a Wii version one day.
    And yep I really love working with Nookiedog, he's great!



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