Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From a strange request, comes one of my dearest Friends Demona.

If anyone doesn't know Demona, let me just say she is the pack horse for Porn! Demona is constantly taking on tons of commissions to provide herself with challenges and to help support her wonderful family. One day I was online and saw her amazing Koga Picture, the one with the huge cock! I saw she was filled up with Commissions, but I took a chance and asked her if she wouldn't mind finding time to one day create Rikou in the same fashion. She was overjoyed by the request and told me she had been wanting to tackle him for some time! She poured her heart into the silly, yet so so sexy sketch she sent me! Dang it girl, I still swear he looks better then Capcom art!!!!

I almost made the mistake of asking her to reduce his ball size cause, I kinda felt sorry for Rikou! LOL. But right away I realized what a mistake that would be and to be honest after the initial shock, I fell in love with those beach balls!!!! Well here was my reaction:

When I saw your Koga picture I was all like, we need a Rikuo just the same! When you play games with these characters and you see the bulges you start to wonder just how big their junk is. Are they this big? I would love to think so! I know a lot of guys that would want that between their legs!

I love how you captured Rikuo here. The colours are amazingly vibrant. He's eyes are so sly and sexy. I love that come hither look you gave him! I just could not resist him. :kiss: He knows you want that hug uncut cock! Genius!

His cock is magnificent. Love the orange cock head and the huge foreskin. His beach ball...uh balls are too funny, yet at the same time so hot. I can't take my eyes off of them! You did an excellent job capturing him, he looks better then official Capcom art!
If he cums he really will be the King of Semen....lol And I want to swim in that ocean!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are true professional in ever sense of the word!

From then on Demona have become the best of friends. She was kind of enough to let what as she created an original character for me online! You have no idea how special I felt that day. Uni we called him. A sexy Unicorn twink. I liked him so much I requested a sketch of him as well to be sent to me! Here he is:

Hee hee, he is my kind of guy, dark skinned, tan of cheek, long of hair and thick of cock! Ah the fantasies the will unfold in my mind after viewing this sweet little masterpiece! I can't thank you enough for giving him olive skin. Shhh that's my favorite!

I should be in bed, but I am here faving this wonderful picture. I really love this. He looks older here, more mature. I love the look on his face and those big pouty lips. I think we are going to have to do a whole series on him cause I just fell in love with my first requested OC on the site! His eyes tell a thousand tales do they not? Gawd he has sex appeal to spare. wipes off drool...sighs...AHEM is it me, or is that penis bigger then I remember? :P

After that Demona did a wonderful sketch of Rikuo masturbating that shows so much raw passion emotion!

Talk about under promise, over deliver at work! I asked Demona for a younger Rikuo Masturbating and look at the wonderful pose and design she came up with! :heart: I love the standing on the rock, spreading his legs to play with his balls, taint and butt position! It's beyond hot! Thank you so much for drawing this and for doing it so fast too! Wow!

And she also did a younger version of Donovan for me as well that is just sooo hot! I can't wait to one day have them coloured.

I'm going to say it before Skyboy does: THRUST! LOL. :)

This is my first request for a younger circumcised Donovan. I asked for a lot of uncut Donovan, but considering all the religious stuff regarding him that is supposed to help protect him and keep his dark side sealed I figure they would have cut him too. Anything to holy him up. :erm:

Demona has done such a wonderful job with him. I love his feet, they so Egyptian..lol. And his ears are so cute. (Only in a cartoon world..I've seen suckers like that in real life and look away fast!) He's got such an innocent expression as he shoots his load too! He knows you're watching and he likes it! As always genius idea! Thanks so much for another perfect piece of art that we can throw at Capcom and say LOOK we can do better then you now!!!

Demona, Yue are working hard to complete something very special and she is currently doing 4 other pictures. One of which will be coming up very soon!

Demona also took on the very difficult job of Pac-Man for me. I will display a very special image of that soon.

And now something brand new!!!! One night we were talking about Locus dressing up as a Chip and Dales dancer and Demona loved the thought so much she offered to draw him for me! Check this action out! Locus looks amazing here, just like he does in the comics! What a sexy idea you had regarding what he is serving at the club! Only in the world of Class Comics!!!!

Demona goes beyond to make sure the images she provides me are just right. Showing me every step and asking my opinion on everything. Such devotion to my wants and needs touches me so much. It makes me feel that I truly am a part of the process. Thank you so much for continuing to draw for me and taking my desires to a whole new level! It's great to work with you, but to have you as close friend is better then all the art in the world. Thank you so much for always being there for me. You have guided me, shared hopes and dreams and won a place forever in my heart.


  1. Awww hehe ty ty for the wonderful comments. It really is a ton of fun working on your commissions and I'm glad you've enjoyed the process! As always thanks again for the lovely words and continuing to trust me with your thoughts ^^ Always a pleasure!

  2. Yeah I do enjoy the ol' Demo! <3
    I was hesitant to get anything porny, especially with all the ones I had gotten at the time of first commissioning her, but I grew to like her art enough to come back for more and I am sure I will go back again soon. :3

    You however are just giving her quite the worklist! XD Lots of pics going to you in the near future.



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