Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boys of the Desert Sand and the Ocean Surf

Hey guys! Got some major surprises today!
First off I have some images of the oh so cute Tonia. 2046 on Y!Gallery opened up commissions last month and I had to put the commission on hold until only recently. Well ,he waited for me to get my life together and I have a very hot image of my lovable boy to share now!

Tonia enjoys some grapes, seduction is on the menu!
I'm very happy that 2046 waited for me, this is such a stunning image. Tonias eyes and hair are worth the commission price alone! XD What a darling face. Like a Greek hero! Love the thick cock 2046 gave him as well. That's very sexy! :) The skin tone and shading makes him look so perfect. Really can't thank him enough for this one.

His commissions are still open, check it out and his amazing gallery here:

Sigh, my poor Tonia, he had a place in my mind for a long time as a bath house attendant. I had ideas in my mind, so many ideas. I really need to get my butt in gear. Some ideas I fear may be long forgotten. Guess this is a shout out that yeah, I am looking to do some ideas with Tonia. :)

Let's take a trip to the desert! My little ankylosaurus twink, is going Arabian. I figure since he was pictured by Lastmanouthere with an older desert warrior lover, he should have an outfit the suites that environment.

I called upon my good bud Caravaggia to help Tonia out. Not only did she come out with a great outfit she helped me create a pet for him. A Falconasaurus! I had the idea at first that the Falcon would had a tip on the back of the skull and some spikes on it's neck. Cara went even further, giving him a hunched over body and Jugal bones like a ceratopsian. Such creativity is so very awesome!!!!

Her Tonia is very cute and so so sexy. A mysterious warrior that hides his face, but not his hot body!!! Little Tonia went from Greek hero, to a 1920's silent movie lover in one day! XD Thanks Cara he is so delightful and adorable in your style! :) Love the blowing cape, the boots and those gloves. I want a pair of those! YOu did an amazing job on his outfit. Caravaggia is one artist that loves to take on crazy animals!

Now let's go from one Ancient Desert, to another! The one filled with the sands of time to be exact. My favorite hero and game from 2003, the Prince of Persia done every so sexily by the super talented Urbanmusiq!

Knowing he is a fan of the game, I couldn't resist this commission. I requested a cut prince after doing a little research on Persia. Urbanmusiq really got the cut penis looks perfect. Very hot and sexy. Liking that scar! I love his eyes so much. He added this shine to the them that is just amazing. I just want to kiss those full pouty lips and those nipples are so sexy!!! A total hunk from head to toe. It's always great to commission an artist who is a fan of the source material! :) You wind up with awesome stuff like this! Someone call Ubisoft, this boy should be on the team! LOL.

Well there you have it, three masterpieces! Oh but wait, I have more!!!! ha ha ha

Lets take a trip to the beach and a return to my first love Rikuo! Speaking of artist that love the source material, the Rainbowboys Chicourano has finished his commission of Rikuo! Now if you are a fan of his blog, I am sure you might have already seen it, so here is a little something extra, two extra versions! This man really knows how to please! :)

Rikuo in all his glory as only Chicourano can imagine. Check out the amazing details in the skin, as the light reflects off of Rikuos head. He even made his fins slightly transparent. That has never been done before, what an imagination. Just breathtaking.

Ocean colours!

Rikuo Noire!

I'm so very happy to have the completed Rikuo, he was really worth every penny. A total masterpiece, stunning, sexy, sleek and sensual. Love the addition of the cum on his fingers! Rikuo is a naughty boy... XD Wait till you see what we have in store next!

Way back around May I commissioned Luisazo to do a sequel to Neos Cam and Rikuo image. I wanted Camili-Cat to have a bit of a beach bum look, so we added shorts and an ascot to Cam as well as a surf board.

Looks like the two boys had fun with each other, enjoyed a day at the beach and are ready for round two!
I really dig Luisazo's anime style and the warmth he brings to his images. He uses a real background which is a pretty cool concept.

This was my reaction:

You did a wonderful job, making Cam and Rikuo very anime like in your style and so very sexy!!! Love those big penises and low hanging wrinkly balls! :inlove::heart::sweatdrop: You got the image I wanted dang perfect. Can in an ascot and surfer shorts is just sooooooooo sexy!!! XD I love the way you did his hair and his eyes. (The low res doesn't do the eyes justice!!!) :widesmile::kiss::heart:
Your Rikuo Aulbath is very smooth and sexy. He's got a very kind face.
I can't wait for the next image to be complete now! :)

I have to say the more I look at this, the more I appreciate Cams gorgeous full chest, the placement of the foreskins and again Cams wonderfully spiked hair. Both characters are magnificent.

Can't wait for the second commission to be completed! :)

And last, but not least a completed requested from June by the way super talented and kind Qwertyrulz. He was one of the first people to see and accept the challenge of my Anomalocaris. Another ocean prince in need of more love!!!

This is an awesome image take a look:

Before he had hair, I had given the character a helmet made of hard flesh. You can see the hair was placed over it in the first first commission. I will have to share my sketches of him one day as well.

Here is my reaction:
(He had told me only the day before it was posted that he would be working on the image.)
Oh wow, when you said yesterday you were going to start him, I didn't know he would be lined so fast!!! You really stuck to my original designed. Did I actually come up with him that long ago? Wow, it feels like yesterday. This year has really gone by fast. :(
You gave him a very sexy body and chest!!! Nice head and ears too. You got his animal parts perfect. Cute shorts! XD
And a promise of more to come? WOW! That's super nice of you. :)
Can't wait.
This has inspired me to try to draw more of him myself.

He's not an easy character to take on, but I have to say again, he turned out very sexy. I love the sleek build and the shorts! XD A great image like this deserves some colouring! Another task to take on.

Good night everyone. :)


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  2. Loving Qwertyrulz and Urbanmusiq's pieces!!



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